This game is interesting, the novice guide is to let you put the virus in china🤣


This game is interesting, the novice guide is to let you put the virus in china🤣

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What game?!

South africa

@drunkenwhiskers does that say 117 Yuan? For 2 slices of bacon

I think they banned it already

Was called Plague Inc

Google it

Creepy. When did it come out? Looks familiar to me for some reason , like I maybe watched my friend play it randomly in high school

Oh plague inc that’s different nvm

Aries why can’t I find zinc lozenges in online stores anymore?

It was a beautiful day today, knowing that I’m safe for the next 3 months

I bought it all so you can’t have none!!!

I know this may sound ridiculous but I need to get it out:

With the law of attraction, everything being a frequency , and the idea that you bring into your reality what you most often think about, and the idea that there are multiple realities existing simultaneously as an entangled multiverse,

Do you think we are attracting this to ourselves ? That’s what one of my spiritual friends basically said and I’m like okay well great :+1:t4: that’s gonna fuck with my head

Lol!!! I stocked up before they disappeared

Is this where you live?!

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They must have good drugs! :drooling_face: to think like that

If you saw a Scorpion enter your house do you hunt it down or pretend you didn’t see it and focus on the pretty paintings. You can change your experience but you can’t change the reality that it’s in the house.

Very well stated

Here I’ll share with you a music video which is purposely blacklisted on YouTube but has over 8.6 million views on Facebook

Nice I will watch that now .

Also I want to listen to police scanners in my area

Or ambulance/firefighter

It’s all online

Study your google kung fu