This doesn't really apply to anything in terms of Doomsday necessarily, but I just find it really sad.

This doesn’t really apply to anything in terms of Doomsday necessarily, but I just find it really sad. Music is the thing that has always united people and given them an escape. It saddens me to see so many of the artists who contributed to the soundtrack of my youth leaving this earth. I hope they are on to better realms. Love and light, Eddie.

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Ok the reason I posted the Eddie Van Halen death news is because I keep hollering at people that all other diseases didn’t get “laid off” due to Covid-19. I know EDH has been battling throat cancer for a couple of years now, and many close to him, including his former band members have been trying to tell fans “look… he’s in way worse shape than he is letting on”. But it makes you wonder if he couldn’t have gotten better treatment if it wasn’t for all this diverted resources BS. I have several friends currently going through cancer treatments, and my friend’s brother was treated for Covid, isolated, ventilated, turns out he actually had cancer that had gone undetected and metastasized. L He was transferred to hospice and my friend could only say goodbye to him over the phone, because they would only let his mom and kid in to see him. I don’t know all the details in his case, and I don’t whether he is the type to monitor his health regularly, and if anything could have been done to save him had it been caught sooner. But I am assuming that the difficulty in getting a physical appointment with a physician and being dissuaded by the media and the medical community to seek treatment of ailments might have contributed to his rapid declined and robbed him of his ability to get his affairs in order and say his goodbyes. All year long I have heard from people blowing off all manners of symptoms, simply because the media constantly hammered it through our heads that we need to avoid hospitals and doctors offices like the little plague, because the halls are “lined with dead bodies”, and you could catch it just by walking into a hospital. And besides, medical staff are already overwhelmed, so it’s “selfish” to go to the hospital and make already overworked nurses and doctors tend to you if you don’t have anything serious.

Meanwhile hospitals are laying off staff left and right because the hospitals have sat virtually empty all year. University of Washington, which has led the way in early COVID virology research, testing and outlined the first Covid treatment plans based off of the South Korean treatment model, furloughed 1500 employees in May, then laid off another 100 in July because of lost revenue due to virtually closing it’s doors to all patients but Covid patients. WA state Governor Inslee literally forbid any medical treatment or testing be done on patients for over two months, unless it was emergency or ongoing care which could not be interupted,ie chemo, dialysis, etc.

How many deaths will occur as a result of the real medical crisis going on here in the US and around the world, the crisis of rampant gross negligence stemming from an orchestrated propaganda of fear and need for isolation?

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