They really don’t want Americans watching it

They really don’t want Americans watching it

⤺ reposted by @Rasputinking from When I watched this movie a few years ago I knew this real and connected the dots when I first found out about the so called elixar of the elites.

Wow unreal

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people were noticing :wink:

Where do you think this plane is going? 100nm from CA and headed Southwest

water base maybe

Stopped tracking, maybe honolulu or somewhere in between

There is no point to waste time discussing with civvies.

  • World fighting for resources, a full blast economy war.
  • Citizens sheltering at their homes, little chance to look up to the sky.
  • Rise of NEO’s (Near Earth Orbit).
  • NASA admitting they are monitoring the AMA (Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly).
  • Cycle 25 and GSM ( Grand Solar Minimum).
  • Rise of plane crashes.
  • Rise of unmarked planes.

The ones that pay attention might have a chance, the ones that don’t are simply a burden.



Catastrophe Risk and Response by Richard A. Posner.pdf

Recap of evidence that supports a meteor/asteroid. Writing on the wall.

  1. Greenland movie suppressed
  1. Fema drills
  1. Anomaly in earth’s magnetic field.
  1. Space race intensifies
  1. 120 Observatories shut down
  1. Ceo’s jumping ship
  1. ~500 military trying to make friends

  2. Moving gold to argentina

  1. Stockpiling resources in DUMB’s (deep underground military bases)

  2. China telling the public to get bugout bags.

Back up now

In 2018, scientists unveiled a bombshell discovery - they’d found evidence of a colossal underground reservoir of liquid water at the Martian south pole.

Now, they’ve taken that discovery a crucial step forward. There’s not one, but an entire network of multiple lakes under the southern polar ice cap. And that means that the first reservoir was not a one-off or a freak of Martian nature.

drip, drip, drip :droplet::droplet::droplet:

You know they’ve been up there poking around for ages!

Were Elisha and William Otis green wizards?

Wow classic

Yes but the projects did not really start till the 1920s many of them under Tesla’s leadership