They’re saying they’re burning body bags dead or alive

⤺ reposted by @NL117 from How many of the masses are going to be gullible enough to buy this? Probably too many.

They’re saying they’re burning body bags dead or alive

Want to point out that a lot of people including president trump has said this virus should die out with warmer weather. It’s in the 70’s in Iran. Doesn’t seem to be dying out there.

Keep an eye out on the news in Milan, Italy. It’s the second largest city in Italy. Groceries stores empty, mass canceled by the bishop. Would the US act the same in a similar situation?

Should we start taking vitamin c now go help reduce the chances of getting it.
I have a larger family and definitely want to stock pile it if I can.
3 adults 4 kids and pregnant with #5 :woman_facepalming:t2:
I’m building a delivery kit now- but I’m afraid I don’t know how to protect my toddler and a newborn.

My boyfriend is finally opening his eyes on how serious this. And just today agreed to help build our stock pile.

Stop listening to the press or government officials they have no idea what’s going on

Any info upon Spain and Paris can’t find anything anywhere

The President sure as shit has no clue what to do

Agreed. A lot of the sheeple have been saying this too.

Keep adding the furthest friend you have

I’m from Spain. By now we have some people suspected but not confirmed cases “officially”.

When i will have some trusted information about Spain, i will share it here.

Iran under serious attack of Corona Virus outbreak !!
Pakistan , Turkey and Afghanistan have closed their borders with Iran !!
People of balochistan province have to be very careful as Iran border is in Balochistan and many people used to travel Iran regularly !!

Thanks for the update got friends traveling ill await this space

I am going to Spain next weekend. Ithinkingn about avoiding Italy and go via Germany. How is it in Spain?

Government struggles to answer incubation time question…https://

#資訊 斯洛伐克總理彼得·佩列格里尼22日因呼吸系統感染和高燒入院治療。斯洛伐克總理辦公室已於今天確認了這一消息。並取消了原定23日晚間的電視辯論行程。由於佩列格里尼2月20日至21日曾在布魯塞爾出席歐盟特別峰會。一但他被確診,則整個歐盟領導人都有被感染的風險,歐盤時段避險情緒高漲!

#Info Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini was admitted to the hospital on the 22nd for respiratory infection and high fever. The news was confirmed by the Slovak Prime Minister’s Office today. And cancelled the scheduled TV debate on the evening of the 23rd. Because Pellegrini attended the EU special summit in Brussels from February 20 to 21. Once he is diagnosed, the entire EU leader is at risk of being infected, and risk aversion is high during the European session!

Good news, the “China Daily” says everything is fine.

I am being sarcastic of course


Supermarkets across Italy are snapped up, shelves are emptying

The last news say that 3 possible cases are under test. But officially, Spain have 0 infected by now.

I’m nurse assistant and i go to be honest with you.
I think that the virus is spreading now here, but nobody is doing test in Spain.
Now we have a lot of students that back to Spain from Italy in the last 3 days (travel by interchange of students). 60 boys and girls teenagers back to my town from Milan 3 days ago. No test to anybody.
Well, we can expect that cross infection will be effective in a week from now.
But is only my opinion.
I will try to update here all things from Spain.