They must be full of HD’s 🤭

⤺ reposted by @0xDjWyB from 🇨🇳 The novel coronavirus may cause testicular damage and male infertility, Chinese experts found, recommending infected men take tests for semen quality and hormone levels.

They must be full of HD’s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

bring Lasers

*Question: has there been any word about the US military having to take the covid vaccine once is available?

It will likely be mandated as soon as it becomes available for all dod personel.

ask yourselves when was the Spanish Flu eradicated again?

I would like to follow that a bit closer… I mean, if the vaccine is such a risk, why risk the army?

Dod has a policy of issue vaccinations to service members and if there is any health risks leave it for the VA to deal with or shut it down upon congressional review.

Some sources say it disappeared magically around 1922
I always thought H1N1 was a Spanish flu revival … considering the symptoms
So yeah… never

Thanks for that info :pray:t3:

Certainly welcome figure first hand experience would be worth sharing.

Smallpox and anthrax not covid but dod is not known for abruptly changing policy.

Where is Jessica Hyde?

Message of 51 characters follows:


4 EAM’s today hmm

let’s start class

Wizard of the Day - Donald Menzel - #WIZARDOFTHEDAY


Donald Howard Menzel was one of the first theoretical astronomers and astrophysicists in the United States. He discovered the physical properties of the solar chromosphere, the chemistry of stars, the atmosphere of Mars, and the nature of gaseous nebulae. The minor planet 1967 Menzel was named in his honor, as well as a small lunar crater located in the southeast of Mare Tranquilitatis, the Sea of Tranquility.

Born in Florence, Colorado in 1901 and raised in Leadville, he learned to read very early, and soon could send and receive messages in Morse code, taught by his father. He loved science and mathematics, collected ore and rock specimens, and as a teenager he built a large chemistry laboratory in the cellar. He made a radio transmitter at a time when kits were rarely available and qualified as a radio ham.

He was an Eagle Scout, specializing in cryptanalysis, as well as an outdoorsman, hiking and fly fishing throughout much of his life. He married Florence Elizabeth Kreager on June 17, 1926 and had two daughters (Suzanne Kay and Elizabeth Ina).

At 16, he enrolled in the University of Denver to study chemistry. His interest in astronomy was aroused through a boyhood friend (Edgar Kettering), through observing the solar eclipse of June 8, 1918, and through observing the eruption of Nova Aquilae 1918 (V603 Aquilae). He graduated from the University of Denver in 1920 with a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in chemistry and mathematics in 1921. He also found summer positions in 1922, 1923, and 1924 as research assistant to Harlow Shapley at the Harvard College Observatory. At Princeton University he acquired a second master’s degree in astronomy in 1923, and in 1924 a Ph.D. in astrophysics for which his advisor was Henry Norris Russell, who inspired his interest in theoretical astronomy. After teaching two years at the University of Iowa and Ohio State University, in 1926 he was appointed assistant Professor at Lick Observatory in San Jose CA, where he worked for several years. In 1932 he moved to Harvard. During World War II Menzel was asked to join the Navy as Lieutenant commander, to head a division of intelligence, where he used his many-sided talents, including deciphering enemy codes. Even until 1955, he worked with the Navy improving radio-wave propagation by tracking the Sun’s emissions and studying the effect of the aurora on radio propagation for the Department of Defense. Returning to Harvard after the war, he was appointed acting director of the Harvard Observatory in 1952, and was the full director from 1954 to 1966. The term “Menzel Gap” was used to refer to the absence of astronomical photographic plates during a brief period in the 1950s when plate-making operations were temporarily halted by Menzel as a cost-cutting measure. He retired from Harvard in 1971. From 1964 to his death, Menzel was a U.S. State Department consultant for Latin American affairs.

He received honorary A.M. and Sc.D. degrees from Harvard University in 1942 and the University of Denver in 1954 respectively. From 1946-1948 he was the Vice President of the American Astronomical Society, becoming their President from 1954-1956. In 1965, Menzel was given the John Evans Award of the University of Denver. In May 2001, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics hosted “Donald H. Menzel: Scientist, Educator, Builder,” a symposium in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Donald H. Menzel.

Menzel travelled with several expeditions to view solar eclipses to obtain scientific data. On 19 June 1936, he led the Harvard-MIT expedition to the steppes of Russia (at Ak Bulak in southwestern Siberia) to observe a total eclipse. For the 9 July 1945 eclipse, he directed the Joint U.S.-Canadian expedition to Saskatchewan, although they were clouded out. Menzel observed many total solar eclipses, often leading the expeditions, including Catalina, California (10 September 1923, cloudy), Camptonville, California (28 April 1930), Fryeburg, Maine (31 August 1932), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (30 June 1954), the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts (2 October 1959), northern Italy (15 February 1951), Orono, Maine (20 July 1963, cloudy), Athens/Sunion Road, Greece (20 May 1966), Arequipa, Peru (12 November 1966), Miahuatlan, south of Oaxaca, Mexico (7 March 1970), Prince Edward Island Canada (10 July 1972), and western Mauritania (30 June 1973), in addition to the other three mentioned above. He proudly held the informal record for greatest number of observed solar eclipses, a “title” later broken by his student, colleague, and co-author Jay Pasachoff.

In the late 1930s he built an observatory for solar research at Climax, CO, using a telescope that mimicked a total eclipse of the sun, allowing him and his colleagues to study the solar corona and to film the spouting flames, called prominences, emitted by the Sun.

Versions still around today

Exactly so why the fuck would you take a rushed vaccination :syringe:

Made by a Lobbyist who never went to Medical School

And aligns with Reds

This guy…special place in hell

Don’t be super angry with him

I mean he’s the reason you have iPhones

That credit I do give him

Him and his mother are responsible for that

You think they used CRT monitors on Solar Warden ships

As they navigate the Solar System

No unfeasible as fuck

Why do you think he invested in Apple

Besides saving his ass from Congress

And anti trust laws

But it was all done deliberate

And Jobs played puppet

From iPods to iPhones in a period of less then 10 years

He got the tech transfers from Black World handed it to Jobs

Now society is all fucked up

Because you’ve all been reprogrammed to do it for the gram and right swipe to find your next partners

Instead of doing hard core research with iPhones and working on self improvement and learning skills

That’s the truth

You think Bill Gates only ripped off
Douglas Engelbart at Xerox and SRI

He’s a habitual when it comes to stealing government technology

And that’s why he will never ever

Qualify as a Wizard

Not on my watch

Or current Majestic 12’s watch

Robber Baron is more suitable

Pirates of Silicon Valley in fucking deed

Only one that gets a pass and is a true Wizard :mage:‍♂

Is Woz