They literally rub it in your face

They literally rub it in your face

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What are u talking abt here

And does HD2B stand for anything?


This Invisible War is as old as time itself.


Fuck Reds and their Moloch Worshipping ways

Is the war becoming more visible???

Are you starting to understand???

Always Go Blue

Always Go Blue





Hyper-Dimensional type 2B

Invisible soldiers

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party’s Central Committee have laid out a plan for a ‘new era’ in which the party has better control over private business in China.

The ultimate goal is for the party to have ideological leadership of private enterprise.

If you go to

and search for the keyword hd2b, you’ll find more info.

I thought the Chinese had learned their lesson about command economies but apparently not

Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes before it goes horribly wrong? Less than 10 years.
Xi has consolidated so much power.

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How many other types are there? Is there a list somewhere, maybe in doomsday disclosure?

Oh okk thanks


— Progressive Hyper Dimensional LIST:

HD1 - small orbs (scouts)
HD2-A - nonhuman entities
HD2-B - human soldiers (Black Hat)
HD3 - larger craft , consciousness movers
HD4 - Shapeshifters
HD5 - (no intel yet)
HD6 - (no intel yet)
HD# - others (?)

— SA (Special Abilities) LIST:

SA# - others(?)


Thank youu

Ok so hd2b are actually humans, just invisible soldiers

:bear: Somewhere in Russia…
Bears are increasingly coming out to people in Kamchatka
On September 16, in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the driver met a bear right next to residential buildings, near the children’s clinic and school

:bear: Где-то в России…
На Камчатке медведи все чаще выходят к людям
16 сентября в Петропавловске мишка попался водителю прямо у жилых домов, в районе детской поликлиники и школы № 8 на улице Давыдова

:us: Где-то в США…
Надеемся, это все-таки монтаж
Somewhere in USA…
Hope this is a montage

Christopher A. Wray, the director of the F.B.I., warned a House committee on Thursday that Russia is actively pursuing a disinformation campaign against former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and expressed alarm about violent extremist groups.

“Racially motivated violent extremism,” mostly from white supremacists, has made up a majority of domestic terrorism threats, Mr. Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee. He also echoed an intelligence community assessment last month that Russia is conducting a “very active” campaign to spread disinformation and interfere in the presidential election, with Mr. Biden as the primary target.

Progressive Hyper Dimensional list

HD1 - small orbs (scouts)
HD2 - A - nonhuman entities
HD2 - B - human soldiers
HD3 - larger craft
SA - special abilities

:fire::us: Dozens of wildfires have been burning their way through swathes of the US West Coast over the last month, killing more than 30 people and forcing tens of thousands from their homes
Wildfires are burning millions of acres in California, Oregon and other parts of the western US, devastating towns and blanketing communities in thick smoke
By the end of last week the smoke had reached Northern Europe…
#fires #USA

:fire::us: Десятки лесных пожаров пылают на западном побережье США, убив более 30 человек и заставив десятки тысяч покинуть свои дома.
Пожары сжигают миллионы акров в Калифорнии и Орегоне, опустошая города и окутывая населенные пункты густым дымом.
К концу прошлой недели дым достиг Северной Европы…
#пожары #США

:fire::us: On video - smoke from wildfires in Vancouver mountains and the dire consequences of fires in Oregon
Scientists say the region’s wildfires are the worst in 18 years and have linked their increasing prevalence and intensity to climate change. However, US President Donald Trump has blamed poor forest management for the blazes.
#fires #USA

:fire::us: На видео - дым от лесных пожаров в горах Ванкувера и страшные последствия огня в Орегоне
Ученые говорят, что лесные пожары в регионе стали самыми сильными за 18 лет и связывают их растущую интенсивность с изменением климата. Однако президент США Дональд Трамп обвинил в возгораниях плохое управление лесным хозяйством
#пожары #США

The border guards report that the checkpoints with both Lithuania and Poland are operating normally and they have not received official information about the closure of the border.

Lukashenka went for another bluff to attract attention?

Пограничники сообщают, что пункты пропуска как с Литвой, так и с Польшей работают в штатном режиме и официальной информации о закрытии границы им не поступало.

Лукашенко пошёл на очередной блеф для привлечения к себе внимания?

:rocket::us: Fantastic view: Falcon 9 rocket leaves atmosphere, creating a twilight phenomenon
#USA #space

:rocket::us: Фантастический вид: ракета Falcon 9 покидает атмосферу, создавая «сумеречный феномен»
#США #космос