They are scared

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They are scared

That’s the kinda leadership that gets people killed

Hahaha, the herd gets thinned… 2008 again but with a twist

Trustfund Terry made the news again :arrow_up:

Straight up. I can hardly handle it anymore. People are too confronted by the truth and simply blame you for pandering fear porn

This is really the best thread that I found. So far any of the good groups have either gotten censored, close down, or saturated with stupid Americans who don’t want to accept the truth. But it’s just the flu right? :man_facepalming:

Pretty much all of us when talking to friends


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We kick those people out lol

Fantastic :ok_hand:

“Fear Porn” :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: greatness

Opps wrong photo

Home depots NH and TX

James I was in Mexico Home Depot today and they were cleaned out. Puerto Vallarta

Well they got that dengue stuff going on bad

Probably sold out of OFF also

R u staying in mexico for the apocalypse

They’ve lost their minds in China…

Is this another dance of death

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Masks don’t help dengue. It’s mosquito born.

And no I’m heading back Sat

Why do you think they report publicly 0 cases in NY? Because its the financial capitol of the world… If that shuts down everything shuts down… It’s What I believe at least.

The is what I was told by one of my friends :unamused: