They are literally telling people not to wear a face mask.

They are literally telling people not to wear a face mask.

⤺ reposted by @SteveGoodCEO from You can scroll up and see that the story is consistent Los Americanos en Pine Gap saben tambien.

That’s also because they don’t have enough masks

if you want to save lives

add them to the group


at least you won’t be a blind sheep once you are in here

Am I allowed to share that video

Corona unmasked

save as many souls/lives as you can


Will it get banned on Facebook?

might be a time limit

but share the link

Are you prepared?

I prepared for what?

Am I*

Panic buying is already happening in Italy, New Zealand and Hawaii

I have food and water

And medicine

Do you have what you need to survive for at least a month?


FDA has already spoken about drug shortages

Going tomorrow to find more sanitizer

Do you guys think this was planned?

If you can’t find any, because it’s mostly gone, you can make some with grain alcohol, gelatin and maybe some aloe

You won’t find it online right now

Only my opinion, but I think it was an accident, someone got careless at a lab.


or pick up

wrong this is an act of Bio-Terrorism

I’ve considered this as a deliberate act but I just cant see China droping this on themselves.

From whom?