They are currently testing 6 other states websites

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They are currently testing 6 other states websites


This is not factually accurate. They changed his voter registration and requested a new ballot, which invalidates his old one

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Analysis: Certain things become apparent looking at this. The exploit is a way to doxx people who voted for people you don’t like - so now voter registration in affected states has become a targeting database. And if requesting a new ballot invalidates the old, what’s to stop them from requesting new ballots for the entire state in a sort of modified DDoS attack (more like distributed denial of suffrage) that keeps negating the vote and/or disenfranchising the people they disagree with until the election is past the deadline?

Definitely makes an even stronger case for the implemation of blockchain voting.

We called this Block the Vote back in 2018, was a fun concept

Define “fun.”

If we can’t get people to use voter ID, how in the hell do you get them to use public key cryptography

You run into issues of identity verification

I agree though some zero knowledge system would make blockchain powered voting feasible

the bedrock we got to was DNA but that can still be fooled

Clearly we require ID verification if anyone can go in and order a new ballot for you or see your personal information in the database.

There are certain camps politically that scream bloody murder when this is suggested

for morally honest reasons /s

No other way to make it secure and valid.

Seriously man? SMH. I don’t see the party to which you are referring banning books and public gatherings and trying to declare math “racist” and history “too insensitive to be taught”. And I certainly don’t see either party rounding people and shoving then into gas chambers or in front of firing squads.

Considering that Wheeler is losing to a self-avowed 100% Antifa candidate, one might consider if you are placing blame at the wrong feet, and perhaps someone is trying to make Wheeler look bad (make that worse) to ensure a landslide victory for the Antifa party candidate. This distraction right here is why politics and rabbit holes are discouraged in the group however.