Thesis Number F1. 83.

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Thesis Number F1. 83.
Ministry of Mental Health
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Hazrat al-Islam studentship Mr Dr Hasan Rohani

Respectfully hereby, due to the rapid and uncontrollable outbreak of the Corona virus (Kowade 19) in the country and with limited facilities and inability to prevent and treat people as well as common administrative deniers that cause more panic and lack of trust

The people have been so after the release of the mechanisms in the country to panic and the spirit of the soul and mental health of more people skirt He declared the following thee

The number of patients with this virus throughout the country to the date of sending the letter, the answer to which their test was positive, more than 170 people

There are, so far a number of 98 people have lost their lives on the effect of this virus and unfortunately the speed of progression and prevalence in Iran is much more and more widespread than in China for various reasons. Important reasons for inability to control and prevent

The development of the corona virus, extreme pressures of security organizations during the last 40 days to conceal important news and prevention

Some organisations and organizations have a timely implementation of pre-therapeutic scientific ways to prohibit the prevalence and spread of this virus in the country as well as Preventing information from being notified to the World Health Organization

Therefore, due to the inability to manage the ministry in these critical situations and to adhere to the medical oath, The appeal of his resignation of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education formally thee. That’s why plead I accept this

Asking for a heavy burden of the crucial responsibility against the Iranian people and the Almighty God on the shoulders of this thoroughly the fault to be able to serve in another part, توفیقات your increasing president and the Government of the devise and hope of all solve

Minister of Health, treatment and medical education
Dr. Saeed Salt

Postal address: Tehran Qods Town (west) in the South Falamak and Zarafshan, the central headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and medical education
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The percentage being hospitalized


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