These drugs are more hepatotoxic than HIV ARV meds

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These drugs are more hepatotoxic than HIV ARV meds

I knew it

already 56 cases in italy. spreads quickly​:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

What kill your first? Virus or medicine? 🤷

Stay safe Perri :mask:

Virus of course

Just researched it though its more stronger

Let me know

hi everyone. hope all is safe. i found this ad from 2014 with a hidden low volume message about nationwide riots, martial law, and an outbreak. im not sure if its connected to the coronavirus but this whole thing is suspicious as fuck so i just wanted to pass it along.

Stay safe ladies and gents :blush:

Thanks everyone! I’ll keep you posted on my observations.
We are going to stay away from crowded spots and avoid the buffet!

and there is also this eerie ass video from 2010 about a freemasons meeting in 2005 talking about releasing a biological weapon, a “cold,” in china. the part about china starts at 14:50. anyways, i dont know if these have been brought up already but this anglo saxon mission as they call it is definitely worth knowing about. i apologize i cannot provide hard evidence behind these two videos. i am not trying to spread kooky unrelated conspiracies. but i hope this is informative to you all. stay safe <3