These are the dangerous ones when SHTF

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These are the dangerous ones when SHTF

That Liberal Arts degree is not going to matter once the grid is down in a Dark Winter scenario

Keep watching the birds :bird:
You have bigger things you should be concerned about. Last week 77 Janet flights flew into Area 51 on October 15th

7 flights = 100%
77 flights = x

(77 * 100%) ÷ 7 = x
(7700)% ÷ 7 = x
1100% = x

1,100% increase

Yesterday it was 84 Janet Flights

So ask yourself why are so many record number flights going into Area 51

When usual it’s between 7 to 10 per day

And those are facts not conspiracy theories. I’m concerned what they are hunkering down for and why are they scrubbing the flight logs.

64 Janets and counting as of 6:30pm pst
That’s today only

Google’s translation

这是正规军:smile::smile: This is the regular army :smile::smile:


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