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I stand by my statement that the death of innocence should come with a free team sweatshirt

6.5. In the middle of the ocean :ocean: strange

Just now

Advance of the Communist regime of ChinaEnArgentina? :argentina:

  • July 7: CEO of @Huawei Argentina Steven Chen Shiqing meets the Chief of Staff of Chancellery for installation of technology with potential spy #5G, rejected by the Western world for threatening security.
  • July 7: Announce convention for the production of 9 m tonnes of pig meat, multiplying Argentine production 14 times.
    China renews the swap with the @BCRA to strengthen its reserves for $18,500 M.
  • 7 August: By resolution 30917/20, the Government authorizes the installation of the Chinese People’s Army military base in Neuquén for satellite interception.
  • August 12: Argentina boycotts the presidency of the IDB for the USA.
  • 12 August: Summit between the Authorities of the JPs and the Chinese Communist Party to increase international cooperation and exchange of political tables for their training.

All this in just 40 days. Is Argentina’s new alignment clear?

Tthe northern province of Jujuy is suffering an exponential increase in coronavirus cases, including among its top authorities, which has brought its health system to the brink of collapse.

Israel Defense Forces fired illuminating rockets over Naqurah - over Israel’s northern border with Lebanon

Rede von Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (29.08.2020):

" In den Vereinigten Staaten behaupten die Zeitungen, ich wäre hierhergekommen um mit 5000 Nazis zu sprechen. Und morgen werden sie genau das bestätigen: Dass ich zu 83 – 5.000 Nazis geredet habe.
Wenn ich in die Menge schaue, sehe ich das Gegenteil von Nazis. Menschen, die eine andere Regierung wollen, Menschen die Anführer haben wollen, von denen sie nicht belogen werden. Wir wollen keine Anführer, die wahllos irgendwelche Regeln erlassen.
Wir wollen Politiker, die sich um die Gesundheit unserer Kinder kümmern und nicht um den Profit der Pharma-Lobby und den eigenen Profit – das ist das Gegenteil von Nazitum.
… ich sehe Menschen aus allen Nationen, mit allen Hautfarben, ich sehe Menschen, die sich um Menschlichkeit kümmern, die hier sind wegen der Gesundheit ihrer Kinder und wegen Freiheit und Demokratie.
Regierungen lieben Pandemien – und sie lieben sie aus den gleichen Gründen, aus denen sie den Krieg lieben, weil es sie in die Lage versetzt, Kontrollmechanismen zu installieren, die wir sonst niemals akzeptieren würden. Das sind Institutionen, Mechanismen, die unsere Unter-würfigkeit erfordern. Und wir wissen mittlerweile, dass Leute wie Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci diese Pandemie seit Jahrzehnten geplant haben, die sie jetzt über uns gebracht haben. Aber wir wissen inzwischen, dass sie nicht einmal erklären können, was die Pandemie sein soll. …. sie erfinden Zahlen, erfinden eine Pandemie, damit wir in die Angst kommen. Sie erfinden diese Zahlen, die wir in der Zeitung lesen, im Fernsehen sehen – und wenn wir diese Zahlen sehen, kommen wir einfach nur in die Angst.
Sie haben nicht einmal einen zuverlässigen PCR-Test. Das, worin sie gut sind, ist Angst zu erzeugen.
Sie haben damals Hermann Göring gefragt, wie die Menschen den Nazis folgen. Er hat gesagt: Ganz einfach, das hat mit dem Nazitum nichts zu tun. Das kann man im Sozialismus machen, im Kommunismus, in der Demokratie. Das liegt in der menschlichen Natur. Wir müssen die Menschen nur in die Angst bringen und dann folgen sie uns.
Vor 50 Jahren kam mein Onkel J.F. Kennedy nach Berlin. Berlin war die Front gegen den Totalitarismus. Und heute ist es wieder so: Berlin ist die Front gegen den Totalitarismus. Und deshalb sage ich heute wieder stolz: Ich bin ein Berliner. ….
Und ich möchte noch etwas sagen: Sie haben keinen guten Job gemacht, die Gesundheit des Volkes zu schützen. Aber sie haben einen ‚guten Job‘ gemacht, um 5G in unsere Gemeinden zu bringen. Und sie haben den Anfang geschaffen für eine digitale Währung – und das ist der Beginn für eine Sklaverei. Denn wenn eure Bankkonten kontrollieren, kontrollieren sie dein Verhalten.
Wir sehen alle die Werbung im Fernsehen, die sagt: 5G kommt in eure Gemeinden. Und sie sagen, dass 5G überall hingebracht werden soll, dass es unser Leben so viel besser machen wird. Und die Gefahr ist, dass wir 5G einfach akzeptieren. Und nur weil wir ein Video in 5 Sekunden herunterladen können anstatt in 16 Sekunden. Und sie geben Billiarden (trillions) von Dollars aus für 5G. Der Grund sind Datensammlungen und Kontrolle. Es ist für Bill Gates, Zuckerberg und für Lisa …, nicht für uns. Mit seinen Satelliten kann Bill Gates jeden Quadratzentimeter des Globus überwachen.
Und sie nutzen das um uns auszuspionieren mit der Gesichtserkennung. Die ganzen smart devices – das ist nicht für uns, es ist nur für die Überwachung und die Datensammlung.
Diese Pandemie kommt der Elite zupass, damit sie uns alles diktieren kann, was sie will. Sie nutzen die Pandemie um uns zu überwachen, zu kontrollieren. Sie nutzen das, um den gesamten Wohlstand der Bevölkerung an eine Handvoll der Elite zu transferieren und uns zu verarmen.
Das einzige zwischen unseren Kindern und denen sind diese Menschen, die nach Berlin gekommen sind. Und wir rufen ihnen zu: Ihr bekommt unsere Freiheit nicht, ihr bekommt unsere Kinder nicht und wir retten unsere Demokratie. "

:greece: #GREECE :tr: #TURKEY
:black_small_square:The Greek army is practicing the possibility of a war with Turkey. 50th Motorized Brigade conducted an offensive skill test
:black_small_square:According to the Turkish press, a group of Greek soldiers landed on the island of Kastelorizo
:greece::fr: Athens is negotiating with Paris to transfer 18 Rafale fighters to Greece

:greece: #ГРЕЦИЯ :tr: #ТУРЦИЯ
:black_small_square:Греческая армия отрабатывает возможность войны с Турцией. 50-я моторизованная бригада провела учения по проверке навыков для проведения наступательной операции
:black_small_square:Как пишет турецкая пресса, группы греческих солдат высадилась на острове Кастелоризо
:greece::fr: Афины ведут переговоры с Парижем о передаче Греции 18 истребителей «Рафаль»



Let’s start class

The next Wizard is the personification of Doing things for “The Greater Good”

Wizard of the Day - Jonas Salk - #WIZARDOFTHEDAY

“There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality.” - Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk was an American physician and medical researcher who developed the first safe and effective vaccine for polio.

Born in New York City on October 28, 1914, Jonas Salk was one of the leading scientists of the twentieth century and the creator of the first polio vaccine. He grew up poor in New York City, where his father worked in the garment district. Education was very important to his parents, and they encouraged him to apply himself to his studies.

After graduating from high school, Salk attended the City College of New York, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in science. He went on to earn his M.D. from New York University in 1939. Salk interned at Mount Sinai Hospital for two years and then earned a fellowship to University of Michigan, where he studied flu viruses with Dr. Thomas Francis Jr.

Salk was married to social worker Donna Lindsay from 1939 to 1968. The couple had three sons together: Peter, Darrell and Jonathan. In 1970, he married artist Francoise Gilot, who had previously been romantically involved with Pablo Picasso.

In 1947, Salk took a position at University of Pittsburgh, where he began conducting research on polio, also known as infantile paralysis. By 1951, Salk had determined that there were three distinct types of polio viruses and was able to develop a “killed virus” vaccine for the disease. The vaccine used polio viruses that had been grown in a laboratory and then destroyed.

Preliminary testing of the polio vaccine began in 1952 - the shot given mostly to children. National testing expanded over the next two years, making it one of the largest clinical trials in medical history. Roughly 1.8 million children were given the vaccine during the test phase. In 1953, Salk administered the experimental vaccine to himself, his wife and sons.

Salk’s efforts were supported and promoted by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and its president Basil O’Connor. When the vaccine was approved for general use in 1955, Salk became a national hero. President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave him a special citation at a ceremony held in the Rose Garden at the White House.

Salk preferred not to have his career as a scientist affected by too much personal attention, as he had always tried to remain independent and private in his research and life, but this proved to be impossible. “Young man, a great tragedy has befallen you—you’ve lost your anonymity”, the television personality Ed Murrow said to Salk shortly after the onslaught of media attention. When Murrow asked him, “Who owns this patent?” Salk replied, “Well, the people I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” The vaccine is calculated to be worth $7 billion had it been patented. However, lawyers from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis did look into the possibility of a patent, but ultimately determined that the vaccine was not a patentable invention because of prior art.

Author Jon Cohen noted, “Jonas Salk made scientists and journalists alike go goofy. As one of the only living scientists whose face was known the world over, Salk, in the public’s eye, had a superstar aura. Airplane pilots would announce that he was on board and passengers would burst into applause. Hotels routinely would upgrade him into their penthouse suites. A meal at a restaurant inevitably meant an interruption from an admirer, and scientists approached him with drop-jawed wonder as though some of the stardust might rub off.”

For the most part, however, Salk was “appalled at the demands on the public figure he has become and resentful of what he considers to be the invasion of his privacy”, wrote The New York Times, a few months after his vaccine announcement. The Times article noted, “at 40, the once obscure scientist … was lifted from his laboratory almost to the level of a folk hero.” He received a presidential citation, a score of awards, four honorary degrees, half a dozen foreign decorations, and letters from thousands of fellow citizens. His alma mater, City College of New York, gave him an honorary degree as Doctor of Laws. But “despite such very nice tributes”, The New York Times wrote, “Salk is profoundly disturbed by the torrent of fame that has descended upon him. … He talks continually about getting out of the limelight and back to his laboratory … because of his genuine distaste for publicity, which he believes is inappropriate for a scientist.”

During a 1980 interview, 25 years later, he said, “It’s as if I’ve been a public property ever since, having to respond to external, as well as internal, impulses. … It’s brought me enormous gratification, opened many opportunities, but at the same time placed many burdens on me. It altered my career, my relationships with colleagues; I am a public figure, no longer one of them.”

“If Salk the scientist sounds austere”, wrote The New York Times, “Salk the man is a person of great warmth and tremendous enthusiasm. People who meet him generally like him.” A Washington newspaper correspondent commented, “He could sell me the Brooklyn Bridge, and I never bought anything before.” Award-winning geneticist Walter Nelson-Rees called him “a renaissance scientist: brilliant, sophisticated, driven… a fantastic creature.”

“He enjoys talking to people he likes, and he likes a lot of people”, wrote the Times. “He talks quickly, articulately, and often in complete paragraphs.” And “He has very little perceptible interest in the things that interest most people—such as making money.” That belongs “in the category of mink coats and Cadillacs—unnecessary”, he said.

In its first few years, the vaccine had a remarkable impact on the number of new cases of polio reported. There were more than 57,000 cases in the United States in 1952, according to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. A decade later, that number fell to less than a thousand. The Salk vaccine was replaced with a live virus vaccine developed by Albert Sabin around this time because it was less expensive and easier to use.

Salk served on the board of directors of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. He launched his own research organization known as the Salk Center for Biological Studies in 1963. There he and other scientists focused their efforts on such diseases as multiple sclerosis and cancer. Salk served as the center’s director until 1975, and he then became its founding director. Continuing to research, Salk studied AIDS and HIV later in his career.

In addition to his research, Salk also wrote several books on philosophical topics. His works include Man Unfolding (1972) and The Survival of the Wisest (1973), which he co-wrote with son Jonathan.

Salk died of heart failure on June 23, 1995, at his home in La Jolla, California. With his groundbreaking vaccine, Salk had earned his place in medical history. He will always be remembered as the man who stopped polio.

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” - Jonas Salk





Aug 9, 2012,12:40pm EDT
How Much Money Did Jonas Salk Potentially Forfeit By Not Patenting The Polio Vaccine?

For those who want a short answer, Salk would have been richer by $7 billion if his vaccine were patented.

Want to know the definition of Humanity?

Humanity, the power of one person to make the world a better place.

That was Doctor Salk personified.


Another spy scandal

:arrow_up: Kryuchkov graduated from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University - one of the world’s leading universities in the training of programmers
Tesla employee who refused to participate in the fraudulent operation probably 31-year-old Ukrainian Dmitry Volkov

A lot of interceptions lately
Pentagon published video of dangerous maneuver of the Russian Su-27 over the Black Sea.
Interception of a B-52H bomber by two Su-27 fighters

Everyone is surprised that against this background Trump canceled intelligence briefings

That’s saying a lot

Connect the dots

A group of jews that arrived to Ukraine were sent back on their Ryanair flight back to London.

White World Colors

Black World Colors

Factions of the Black World

Hats displayed
Westworld (the entire show is disclosure)

White Hat vs Black Hat

What’s the difference between yellow/gold and green ?

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