These are restaurants and snack shops. They go belly up first.

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These are restaurants and snack shops. They go belly up first.

Not outside the wire like the rest of society

I stocked up on food and medicine

Keep stocking

Can’t see that street name, but advertisement on the red canopies read “Na si shu yuan” which is probably a school. A simple search showed this is most likely in Wuxi, jiangsu province.

Thank you brother

Thank you

My friend also told me that a national guard high ranking official said martial law is 3-4 weeks away and that if you go outside they will shoot you in the head

that I doubt

Medical Martial Law would have a sepearte Rules of Engagement

if that were to happen we would be in a civil war by May

this is the most Well Armed Nation on the planet

you’d get yelled at and detained

but being shot at no

would be a violation of their oath to attack unarmed Americans

but then again

be perpared for anything

I need to see this. What is it? Red dawn?

Propaganda Officer: Ok just let a couple that can walk out, the cameras are here let them now we “cured” them

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you’ve never seen RED DAWN!!!

Come on. We didn’t even have tv when I grew up😉

it’s like every gun-toting Americans wet dream


Ok! Will see it🤣

the original not the North Korean remake of 2013

The first American films that I saw in the cinema were lion king and robocop😂

watch the 1984 one

ok ok :slightly_smiling_face: good good