"There will be food shortage, if not famine, in Horn of Africa, and like the famines of 1974 and 1984, this one would also be man-made and should have been preventable."

“There will be food shortage, if not famine, in Horn of Africa, and like the famines of 1974 and 1984, this one would also be man-made and should have been preventable.”

Additional text says, “Corn on the cob, corn on the cob,” in Amharic.

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Locust plagues are man made? What about all of the unseasonable weather reulting in massive crop loss due to the GSM??? If man has failed to eradicate locusts, then yes man is ultimatley at fault. Weather and ALL things climatic are controlled directly or indirectly by the sun

Florida principal who said he couldn’t confirm whether the Holocaust was real is rehired to a new position - CNN

:point_up_2:Another win for Social justice lunacy.

But we did eradicate the locust.



Catch up, stay ahead of the curve

Blue Wizards Covered in Main (in order):
Jack Parsons
Viktor Schauber
Walter Gerlach
Robert Goddard
Hermann Oberth
Edward Teller
Nikola Tesla
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Tsien Hsue-shen
Werner von Braun
John von Neumann
Grace Hopper
Marie Curie
Maria Goeppert Mayer
Frank Malina
Paul Dirac
Theodore von Karman
John G. Trump
Margaret Hamilton
Ray Kurzweil
John Nash
Leo Szilard
Johannes Gutenberg
John Glenn
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Lonnie Johnson
Peter Diamandis
Jose Cordeiro
Krafft Ehricke
Jonas Salk
Hedy Lamarr
Isabella Karle
Howard Hughes
Michael Faraday
Aaron Swartz
Robert Van de Graaff
Milton Rosen
Leona Woods
Niels Bohr
Tom Dowd
Clemens C.J. Roothaan
Luis Federico Leloir
Winfried Otto Schumann
Jurgen Schmidhuber
Vannevar Bush
Peter Thiel
Lloyd Berkner
Detlev Bronk
James Forrestal
Gordon Gray
Robert Gore
Vera Rubin
Lise Meitner
Carl Sagan
Alexander Kemurdzhian
Gerard Kuiper
Paul Erdos
Alvin Toffler
Jerome Clarke Hunsaker
Yuri Orlov

Gold Wizards Covered in Main (in order):
Joseph McMoneagle
Russell Targ
Philip K. Dick

Dot-com bust, 2008 housing crash — all absolutely nothing compared to this one.

Reminds me of M.C Escher

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This is amazing. What an education!

More #gold and #green.

Green are basically #Knights and #Mavericks (Special Forces and Pilots)

Meanwhile in Russia. Police caught a gator in a Siberian river. #WTF

:ru: Residents of Murmansk watch the sunrise after the polar night, which lasted 40 days. Hundreds of Murmansk residents gather here, wishing to see the long-awaited sunlight.


:north_korea: North Korea unveiled a new intercontinental ballistic missile, mounted on 11-axle trucks.

:north_korea: Северная Корея представила новую межконтинентальную баллистическую ракету, установленную на 11-осных грузовиках.

Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed on a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh

After 10-hour talks between the foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, the parties agreed to cease fire from 12:00 on October 10.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are moving towards “substantial” negotiations on a peaceful settlement and confirm the invariability of the format of the negotiation process.

:+1: Good for the people

:-1: Bad for International Arms Dealer

To them nothing more expensive to them then a ceasefire

Edmonds Police, WSP investigating explosion near Hwy 99

:point_up:But wait, the media and the Left (redundant, I know) keep telling us that rumors of arson and exploding devices being detonated throughout the greater Seattle and Portland areas are all just Right Wing conspiracy theories… Could it be true?? :thinking::roll_eyes:

News has such a strong hold on people, it’s scary. Turn that shit off imo. I’ve learned/unlearned more in 1 month here than from years anywhere else.

Need a bitcoin equivalent to news :slight_smile:

Ford is reported to work on a two-leg human-shaped delivery robot

#RL #bostondynamics #delivery #autonomousrobots

And they say Immigrants are stealing jobs lol,

I don’t watch or tune in like I used to. A few minutes of local news a day for things like weather, traffic and what the hell are they doing to F this area up today (because it’s ALWAYS something). But we have to stay informed as to what is going on, or at least what they are trying to make us think is/isn’t going on. Not keeping up on what media wants us to think, and what our friend, neighbors and families are being brainwashed into thinking, that puts as much as risk as it does all who follow it blindly.


Automation not Immigrants is what you should worry about.

Did you see the recent Terminator film, Dark Fate? The entire thing is pretty much a treatise on how automation will lead to Terminators, lol

I put guns in it