There was another pic that had cars in the left sided window. Cars don’t go back there.

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There was another pic that had cars in the left sided window. Cars don’t go back there.

He’s not in the White House. Where is he?

These Bernie pics are great.

I saw that

Some good points :woman_shrugging:t2:

I believe we already established that the guy following Biden is a loyal American and not a CCP agent. Hopefully, that is true.


Also, today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st Century. Just a fun fact.

[21/01, 17:42] :swan::penguin:🦭:whale2::rabbit2::rabbit::poodle:: It is not about election
Biden or Trump

It is the fight of the UK , Vatican, DC versus China .
It has a bigger picture
Nowhere I read this
Just added my readings together and completing this Jigsaw puzzle.
A bit if history

Well my findings:
Trinity of Vatican, City of London and W DC.
All three are separate and independent of the regional governments.

China Russian Cuba Venezuela all under Communists party trying to get hold of the world.

The fight is over USA

usa has been under Vatican and England pop and Queen for decades.

China started to infiltrate the USA economy gradually for years and corrupting the admins and presidents.

Ready and ripe
The fight of Vatican with communist Italian party on going
Also uk labour and Conservative fight, Corban was sacked

China is frustrated
With Trump out of nowhere
So the Virus is the ket

Usa uk and Italy was affected most

Uk is getting worse
Italy had 300 arrests recently leading to Vatican

The Biden E Fraud

So things r done Now Trump gone
UK struggling with down economy and deaths

Vatican No news yet.

Trump made a plan: Great awakening

Usa enemies r Vatican uk China

But China is IN
All the new admin are China puppets

WASHINGTON DC. Is not part of American

The new admin is illegitimate election is still under investigations


Biden knew that they might get attacked by Trumpists or other groups so asked for MILITARY protection

TRUMP gave them unimaginable troops and Army for protection

Sealed the Mall White H Capitol with the illegitimate admin.

The piece of land which is not part of usa.
Belongs to federal reserve Vatican.

The traitors or the president of usa Corporation is house arrested for creating a false gov.

Future oredictiins:
They can not leave the DC.
The unrest by communist Antifa that once supporting Biden and Harris are turning against them so from inside the Gov and outside The USA is surrounded.

TRUMP gone
But made people aware that America is not a country

The people are put as a charge for Vatican and Federal reserve huge debt by WDC.

The real Coup will come.

That piece of land will no longer is the gov Centre.

Trumo will build a New Gov Centre some where else
And will eat all the money from London and Vatican
[21/01, 17:42] :swan::penguin:🦭:whale2::rabbit2::rabbit::poodle:: Will see more arrests happening in the world
And governments are collapsing.

Have food and water and cash at home.

Just read this and sharing

Was the whole inauguration a false flag

So I’ve been offline most of the morning but this was bugging me so I looked into it and wouldn’t you know!

Ignore the Q crap

But it is still weird.

Given the photo we saw with car behind Biden in Oval Office

Why is every QTard post written in broken English. Are they retarded or just foreign

Maybe CCPs tic toc army posting

I understand QAnons coded language. But every effortpost made by the followers literally reads like a broken English chinaman


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Explains why Bitcoin was dumped , fabricated stories so that you sell into their hands.