there are already thousands of cases in the US

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there are already thousands of cases in the US

but no one is testing the people enough

Correct. Two months behind

US is going to have insane death rates with so many obese and sick people

Yes most likely. Lots obese. So I just spent 3k on a trip to nowhere??

why are you worrying about a vacation when its literally a modern plague going around

Feel bad for them

No one does Intelligence Gathering asking for sources

Just thinking of my credit card bill

its absolutely astonishing how many people live in denial and refuse to listen to reason

what do you have to lose buying supplies that you can use in any case either way?

Im listening!

yes but most are not

i guess people like playing russian roulette

Yup. They think I’m nuts.

1/5 chanches to die

That led to one result: like people under CPC rules, watching news from CCTV, because CCTV is also a “source”

Plus lack of healthcare nationwide

Aries you’re really doing a great job!

Are you sure about all this?

I’ve been informing all the people I know and telling them to also inform their friends and families

Und man hört dir nicht zu oder lacht über dich?

Chinese citizenship taught me that gov’s information never 100% correct