There are 2 nuclear plants in the area in Russia.

There are 2 nuclear plants in the area in Russia.

Loviisan Voimalaitos
Leningradskaya Aes
You can find them easily on google maps.

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Loviisan voimalaitos is in Finland. Finnish and Swedish measurement institutes think that leak is somewhere south Sweden. On Monday we will get
more accurate measurement data and then we should know where it is coming. Thought we have these once or twice a year and half of the times they don’t find the source…

The radiation levels are still to low for a bigger incident. Maybe a smaller problem. Emergency venting or a damaged fuel rod?

repair at stations
at both nuclear power plants

:zap:At both nuclear power plants going repair work
Since May 15, power unit No. 3 has been undergoing scheduled preventive repairs at Leningrad NPP, and power units No. 3 and 4 have been at the Kola NPP (from May 16 and June 11 respectively)

They are both old, at Leningrad NPP permanent leaks

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Loviisan Voimalaitos Finnish Nuclear Power Plant