The WHO sent 25 international experts to China and here are their main findings after 9 days

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“The new virus is genetically 96% identical to a known coronavirus in bats and 86-92% identical to a coronavirus in pangolin. Therefore, the transmission of a mutated virus from animals to humans is the most likely cause of the appearance of the new virus.”

This is the magic bullet theory right here. First it claims that it’s virtually identical to a bat virus, but it became less of a match when transfered into pangolins, and then when it hits humans, it •magically reverts back• eg it doesn’t mutate, it regresses back in time, to be closer to the orignal bat virus. The subtext is that ignore the wuhan lab, it’s from bats, there’s a pangolin in there sorta, but by no means could this be anything but a natural phenomenon.

Second it means we are on planet fucked because we can’t do half of the containment measures China has done. This report is a coverup of the WHO’s authorization of the Wuhan P4 Lab. That is all it is

So… are you saying it’s naturally occurring or bio weapon?

The state’s first coronavirus case identified outside of a Texas quarantine site is a man in his 70s who lives in the Houston area, Fort Bend County health officials said Wednesday.

The man recently traveled abroad, county officials said, he has been hospitalized and is in stable condition.

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1 + Collivera is infected with the Corona virus.

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Aries 3/4 summary

Update Summary:

  • LAX screener tests positive
  • Dr. Fauci: 20% of CV19 cases may require hospitalization
  • The US House has passed an $8.3 billion to fight the virus.
  • Trump confirms he’ll sign emergency virus bill
  • Pence: travelers from Italy & SK tested
  • New York has reported another 5 cases, total is 11.
  • CA joins WA & FL in declaring state of emergency
  • California reports 1st death, bringing US toll to 11
  • Florida reports 4th case
  • CDC investigating cruise ship linked to cases in NorCal
  • Italy bans public events, closes theaters & schools
  • Italy urges elderly people to stay indoors if possible
  • Iraq confirms 3rd death
  • Slovenia confirms 1st case
  • Brazil records 3rd case
  • Ecuador confirms 3 new cases, raising total to 10
  • German minister declares outbreak “a global pandemic”
  • Russia blames “enemies” for spreading fake outbreak news
  • Israel will quarantine travelers from most of Europe
  • EU reports a second coronavirus case at its HQ in Brussels
  • France has reported 28 new cases, bringing the total to 285
  • UK cases surge by 34 to a total of 85 - a 66% surge.
  • China reported 119 new cases and 38 additional deaths
  • Japan confirms 3 more cases in Osaka
  • South Korea reported 809 new cases and 4 new deaths
  • South Korea has carried out 136,000 tests
  • Israel quarantines group of soccer fans
  • “Official” Iranian death toll hits 92
  • Saudi suspends Umra pilgrimage

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Yes Russia is clamping down on information

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:us: 2 more U.S. Forces Korea dependents in South Korea have tested positive for coronavirus, raising total to 6 cases for USFK-related personnel: statement

1 of the 6 cases is an active-duty service member. The others are dependents.

生化專家Dr. Hatfill再次做客 #Bannon Pandemic EP32節目並談論的下面幾個議題

Biochemical expert Dr. Hatfill is again a guest #Bannon Pandemic EP32 and talks about the following topics
数量 The number of cases in ICUs and the medical facilities in the US
:pushpin:The 1918 virus epidemics are not exactly the same, and alternative diagnostic methods are needed
:pushpin:CT scan is an alternative diagnostic solution that can be implemented