The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army'

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Hey he’s well set up and he likes good music!

I’m in Tucson AZ and the o YL issue here are the blue and yellow “normie” masks. There are plenty of the 95 masks everywhere

CDC has only tested 445 people with test kits going to their headquarters in Atlanta for results

intentional, disgusting incompetence

Like I said, they’ve been lying to the public for weeks

The S&P 500 is more important than the public knowing the truth

Wealth before Health

N99 is the best but harder to breath out of. P just means it can filter oils.

I was gonna go to a rave in March but I’m selling my ticket now (Arizona)

No way josé. All the sweat and mosh pits

So I dropped $600 on a new generator today. Costco had one on sale and it’s bigger than the one I have so pulled the plug on it.

I don’t think the grid will go down

They want the public indoors, watching Netflix and kept calm

If the grid goes down then all bets are off

I live in earthquake country, so have a modest inverter generator, solar and a bunch of inverters to use on automobiles if needed. But I agree with Aries I am not primarily expecting grid power trouble for this

Even the Chinese know this

And Chinese bitcoin miners

First alert to all mobiles in Poland. It’s actually complete crap what they wrote telling people not to wear masks unless you are sick. So messed up

Guess Poland is drinking the kool aid

This might be becuase theres a massive shortage of masks.

I agree its fucked up

And I for one am not taking anyone’s word on anything.

This comes down to us and nature at this point.

True but my land and cabin we plan on going to if they start quarantining cities needs it.


I’ve got more shit coming from polish ministry as advice to schools and it’s shockingly bad