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Epic west coast fires :fire: create smoke that has reached the East coast

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Do not analyze this under a political angle, instead interpretation leans to domestic war happening at the hot zones. Get supplies, medicines, pet food and prepare to shelter in place. Being outside might get dangerous in no time.

The world gets destroyed, everything you knew is gone. You survived miraculously. You are sent back months before it happens, what would you do differently? What supplies you will make sure to gather and protect? How will you make sure your whole family survive? What skills would you learn that are going to be paramount for you to survive in this future reality?

My last addition was a cache of fishing hooks, lines, nets and lures. Of course we know how to make hooks and lines, but who wants to spend hours making them when you could easily get them now and store them properly.


„Anti-lockdown protesters rally at Queen Victoria Market

Hundreds of protesters have gathered once again to protest Victoria’s lockdown laws“

Take the #GoodwillChallenge.

Go check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or locally owned and operated thrift store to hunt down SHTF supplies.

See what you can find to put your upcycling skills to the test. Can you repurpose what you find?

This will be an important skill to cultivate in the event of an emergency or a supply chain collapse.

Take the challenge and practice now while you have time.

People in Hurricane areas know this too well

You might have a generator but you hook it for some lights and the fridge. If its really powerful maybe AC or fans, but the little electric appliances cannot be used

Things like pressure cooker that can be place over charcoal

Cast irons, mason jars, hunting knifes


I encourage you to post finds without compromising OPSEC

:arrow_up:to make whip cream

I’m not saying you have to go Amish

But go check it out

Guess the Uses of These Antique Objects | Reader’s Digest

25 Vintage Kitchen Tools You Don’t See Anymore - Antique Cooking and Baking Tools


Or butter if you crank it until the cream breaks!

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A dinglehopper!!

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