The twin girls and their father cherished their farewell

难舍难分 看了令人心酸……

The twin girls and their father cherished their farewell
It’s hard to separate and it’s sad to see …

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from 🇮🇹 A medical device manufacturer has threatened to sue a group of volunteers in Italy that 3D printed a valve used for life-saving coronavirus treatments.

@drunkenwhiskers pink propaganda???

Love the music. Is it in Mandarin?

not necessarily. i might be that the father has to go to the city to work.

yes. the lyrics are a bit sad though

Ok just check you know how CCP likes to fake videos

I cant understand but love the rhythm.

if only you’ve seen their TV news interviews that later got proven to be a play with some actors on screen reading lines.:woman_facepalming:

They will get restocked…

so what’s the point to argue this?
each one of us can not see all aspects of a fact eventually.

This is Nicola Sgarbi. #Modena doctor, working tirelessly amid the coronavirus outbreak. God help them to help others.

Peace please.

What I said is the Americans are in denial. Im sorry if you misunderstood.

Yes. Peace people. No room for arguments. We have too much bs going on in the world. That’s the last we need in times like this. Yes, things are crazy rn. We are all in this together. Let’s get through this people peacefully. :pray:t3:


It’s not about peace. It’s about facts and useful information. If I read people from who knows where throwing false info around in relation to the place I have all information about, I become reactive.

You have information!?
I want it!!

Your talking just to ventilate your mouth?

Not interesting. Counterproductive
People are here to prevent and prepare. Not to bullshit about stuff they’ve got no idea about

Seems like a lotta hot words over very little, let’s cool down

Guys: take it offline pls

OK, we group members can do basic fact check together.

And you do with the stuff I post from china

I don’t mind the redactions

All the time @drunkenwhiskers and @maliezhuyi correct me and re-edit

If Giacomo wants to do the same cool

From news from Italy

I don’t mind

thank you Aries @drunkenwhiskers @maliezhuyi

I will try to help too. :pray: