The topic of my broadcast today Tuesday September 1st at 10am ET will be:

The topic of my

broadcast today Tuesday September 1st at 10am ET will be:

Changes in Inflation Targets by the Fed and Other Central Banks: Which Implications, Benefits and Risks?

What is the move of the Fed to a flexible Average Inflation Target?

Can the Fed achieve the new target and how, with which tools?

What are the benefits and risks of the new strategy?

Which other major central banks – ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, etc - are formally or informally changing their inflation targets and policy tools?

Which more radical policy changes - more radical changes in the inflation target, MMT, helicopter drop of money, digital cash, YCC - could be considered and what would be their implications?

So join me today at 10am ET at

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Thank you Professor Doom

Give me a break…an animal lacking a level of cognition/awareness in an enclosed space vs humanity and earths vast resources.

Research the study :open_book:

It very much peaked the interest of the Elites

Also look into Club of Rome

You’ll start to understand the depopulation case some of them make


:cn: Students in Inner Mongolia protests at China’s plans to bring in Mandarin-only lessons
:black_small_square:Inner Mongolia regional education bureau sought on Monday to reassure parents by issuing statement vowing to limit the changes to only three subjects: language and literature, politics, and history.
:black_small_square:But today army armored personnel carriers ZBL-08 appeared on the streets of the cities of Inner Mongolia
Since Xi came to power, CCP increased efforts to assimilate many ethnic minorities

:cn: Во Внутренней Монголии студенты выступили против отмены обучения на монгольском языке
:black_small_square:Вчера региональное бюро образования Внутренней Монголии попыталось успокоить родителей, пообещав ограничить изменения только тремя предметами: литературой, политикой и историей
:black_small_square:Но сегодня а улицах городов Внутренней Монголии появились армейские БТР ZBL-08
C тех пор, как Си пришел к власти, КПК активизировала усилия по ассимиляции многих этнических меньшинств

Last week Chinese authorities also shut down the only Mongolian social media app in the country, VOA reported.

@Insider20 like Soviet Indoctrination all over

Xi thinks we are in the 1950s again

Yes, it looks a lot like Soviet Union
Which Putin now so eager to revive

Will do

When i watch some documanteries about mongolia and other central asian societies, the cultural similiarities with turkish people shocked me. Even non turkic societies share a lot of the same culture. I would really regret if that common culture is lost.


You should check out Subverted History

"Long story short, much of what we call civilization seems to spring from a relatively singular genetic and cultural root, which proceeded to disperse across the globe in waves, and it seems their tracks are being buried, obfuscated. "

early turkic history studies centered this idea.

history part of that thesis is kind of out of date, yet language similiarities still hold a foot yet, and as far as i know, even indo european languages share a common root with ural-altaic languages

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:us: A Navy command and control aircraft on a training flight crashed near the NASA flight center on Wallops Island, Va., service officials told
“The E-2 crashed at approximately 3:50 p.m. The two pilots and two crew members bailed out of the aircraft safely through the main cabin door,” read a Monday evening statement.
Hawkeye fell in a soybean field near the Wallops Island flight facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and just south of the Maryland border.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:us: Самолет командования и управления ВМС во время тренировочного полета разбился возле летного центра НАСА на острове Уоллопс, штат Вирджиния, сообщили представители службы.
«E-2 потерпел крушение примерно в 15:50. Два пилота и два члена экипажа благополучно выскочили из самолета через главную дверь кабины», - говорится в заявлении, опубликованном вечером в понедельник.
«Ястребиный глаз» упал на соевом поле недалеко от аэродрома Уоллопс-Айленд на восточном берегу Вирджинии к югу от границы с Мэрилендом.



You will see more and more mysterious crashes. Just unusual that these crashed inland.

Above in regards to extreme weather classes the next 3 days with @AriesAzazel don’t play around. Show up, learn, share, concerse and help each other level up!

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:black_small_square:As of yesterday (August 31) - 6 plane crashes have been officially registered so far, two of them fatal, both in France
:black_small_square: August 30 - officially 7 plane crashes, 2 fatal (five fatalities - two in Denmark and three in USA)
:exclamation:August 29 - 18 plane crashes, five of them fatal (one killed in China, two in Sweden, one in Belgium and two in US in two different plane crashes)
:black_small_square:27 and 28 August - 13 and 12 plane crashes were registered, 6 fatalities each

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:black_small_square:За вчерашний день (31 августа) - официально зарегистрировано пока 6 авиакатастроф, две из них со смертельным исходом, обе во Франции
:black_small_square:30 августа - официально 7 авиакатастроф, 2 со смертельным исходом (пять погибших - двое в Дании и трое в США)
:exclamation:29 августа - 18 авиакатастроф, из них пять со смертельным исходом (один погибший в Китае, двое в Швеции, один в Бельгии и двое в США в двух разных авиакатастрофах)
:black_small_square:27 и 28 августа - зарегистрировано 13 и 12 авиакатастроф, по 6 погибших

Pilots are spooked

It’s never been like this


At this rate

We’ll be in the 20s

Before the end of the year

Normal you’d have 5 to 8 crashes per day

On a bad day

In 2019

But since 2020

It’s in the double digits

Товарищи, не надо воровать интеллект, мы все вместе в этом

Had no idea how much the Russians channels love us

The Old Days



Good find L :arrow_up: