The Simpson's are always right


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The Simpson’s are always right

Not always right

They are indoctrinated

From the creator to the writers

Some shit is creepy though in its accuracy

Almost like the whole show is, coded

It is

Lots of “Trial balloons” aka “Soft Disclosure”


Same with Rick and Morty

Haven’t seen much of them. But yes no, doubt

I look at all these shows very different now

Rick and Morty does more Cosmic Horror and Exopolitics

It belongs to a Chinese National

His name is Li Jianjun, 57 years old, emigrated to US 20 years ago.
FBI found this video on his laptop.
He especially often traveled to the forest fire zone in early August.

Oh thanks

Lol ha

They are scrubbing it

Look at this

From google results

Now click on it

Lol :joy:

Censorship sons of bitches

Good thing Boris and the Chinese captured it

Wow good catch

Thank @Insider20

I go deeper bye

Look at this