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As Dr. Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace) said in his speech at the Water, Oceans and Wildlife Subcommittee hearing in 2019: “I’ve been watching this prediction of the Grand Solar Minimum for some time now, and now it’s coming to pass and so I’m willing to say that yes, it appears as though the Grand Solar Minimum is occurring and will continue to occur for some time, and will result in a cooling of the climate, which we see just in the last couple of years beginning to set in.”

About 50 people are feared dead after a gold mine collapsed in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo following torrential rain, local authorities said Saturday.

The accident in the makeshift mine occurred on Friday in the town of Kamituga, in South Kivu province.

Provincial governor Theo Ngwabidje Kasi deplored “the tragic deaths of 50 people, most of them young”.

However, Kamituga mayor Alexandre Bundya said “we are not yet sure of the exact number” of victims. A local resident who was at the scene, Jean Nondo, told AFP that “according to witnesses, there are more than 50 dead. There is only one survivor.”

Singh and Bhargawa predict that solar cycle 25 will be lower in comparison to solar cycle 24 –which was already the lowest for 100+ years– while activity during cycle 26 will be lesser in comparison to cycle 25.

Furthermore, and after looking at the solar activity pattern during the study, it is also concluded that the minimum will ‘bottom-out’ around the year 2043.

:us: Drone Footage from Eastern Oregon today — and clip of clear sky from the same places (before the fires) for comparison.

:us: Кадры с дрона из Восточного Орегона, снятые сегодня — и кадры из тех же мест до пожаров, для сравнения.

:fire: About 100 large fires were burning Saturday in US West, including 12 in Idaho and 9 in Montana. Fires have burned more than 4.5 million acres in 12 states
In Lyons, more than 60 miles south of Portland, Beachie Creek Fire left neighborhoods in rubble and scorched more than 186,000 acres.
Oregon blazes tore through multiple communities in Cascade mountain range as well as areas of coastal rainforest normally spared from wildfires. In eastern Washington state fire destroyed most of tiny farming town of Malden. In central Oregon search-and-rescue teams entered devastated communities in Santiam Valley to look for missing people

:fire:Орегон принял на себя основную тяжесть удара и оказался во власти стихии после того, как два крупнейших лесных пожара слились в один
Более сотни лесных пожаров бушуют на западе США, создавая дым, из-за которого в Калифорнии, Орегоне и Вашингтоне был зафиксирован худший уровень качества воздуха в мире.
Пожары сожгли более 4,5 млн акров в 12 штатах

:fire::us: On Sep. 9th, FBI revealed that most of the initial fires of the west coast spread along forest roads.
A Chinese man who immigrated to the U.S.was searched because his GPS records of his car showed that he went to a wildfire area many times
Well, anything can be…

:fire::us: По сообщению источников, 9 сентября ФБР выяснило, что большинство первых пожаров на западном побережье распространились по лесным дорогам. Это открытие заставило обыскать одного из китайцев, потому что GPS-записи его автомобиля показали, что он слишком часто выезжал в зону лесных пожаров
Что ж, всё может быть…

I am not lying. I am telling the truth.

:alien::flying_saucer: Yesterday, September 11, residents filmed UFO near the southern shore of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela

I second that. A coworker of mine was giving a talk at the pentagon literally during the attack.

Yeah, quite a lot of people my cousin in law knew died too. You are the one who is being inaccurate

I don’t care what conspiracy theorists have told you. My cousin was there.

“September 12, 2020 Los Gatos, California The CEO of a Netflix - Reed Hastings - has been caught by FBI agents with 13,000 files of child pornography. He was arrested at his home in California. He is facing 11 charges related to the seizure of more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography on his computer and various removable storage units.”

September 12, 2020
Los Gatos, California

The CEO of a Netflix – Reed Hastings – has been caught by FBI agents with 13,000 files of child pornography. He was arrested at his home in California.

He is facing 11 charges related to the seizure of more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography on his computer and various removable storage units.

Considered by many to be a “computer genius,” Hastings has an estimated net worth of 5 Billion. His lawyer and immediate family did not respond to requests for an interview.

Police submitted the child pornography files to the law enforcement portal of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where 279 of the submitted files depicted known identified child victims.

Police first investigated child pornography when they were alerted to an internet provider address that was sharing child pornography using a peer-to-peer file-sharing program.

The first file, according to documents, was a compilation video of prepubescent girls under 8, some as young as toddlers, being raped.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, known as ICAC, helped execute the search.

According to documents, child sex abuse imagery involving toddlers and prepubescent children was found on a laptop, a black computer, an SSD storage device and an SD card. The children were bound and raped. Police also found “disturbing videos of Reed Hastings engaged in forced sexual intercourse with several unconscious women” on the seized devices.

They also said they found a clandestine drug lab in a downstairs bedroom closet and called the Los Angeles Fire Department and hazmat team to make sure the chemical lab was not a public safety hazard.

This comes after the release of “Cuties”, considered by many to be its own form of Child Pornography.

Article has been scrubbed.


Sandstorm in Turkey.

Interesting…what’s the purpose of starting these fires

smoke life… mid day sun :sun_with_face:

:belarus: #BELARUS | TODAY
No change in Belarus: hard detentions at today’s “women’s march” in the center of Minsk

В Беларуси без перемен: жесткие задержания на сегодняшнем «женском марше» в центре Минска

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First of all, I’m sorry for your losses

Just wanted To ask you… have you ever wondered why we never saw footage of the plane or pieces of plane (wings, seats, turbine) but somehow the attacker’s passports managed to survive the crash?

No. I really don’t spend a lot of time questioning 9/11. I don’t see the purpose it.

World changed since that event

In Paris, harsh detentions continue too. True, unlike the Belarusians, French are actively resisting, erecting barricades, throwing stones at the security forces and burning tires and cars

В Париже тоже продолжаются жесткие задержания. Но в отличие от белорусов, французы активно сопротивляются, возводят баррикады, забрасывают силовиков камнями и жгут покрышки и автомобили

I do. Actually 9-11 made me start questioning everything and start prepping

Yes. What purpose is there in nitpicking details? Let’s say all our eyes are liars, and it was a giant hoax, and nothing happened on 9/11 or whatever you’re saying… it’s tantamount to nothing. Nothing changes. People still died. We still lost freedom as a result. No actual terrorists have been caught and tried for crimes.

No one is going to “blow this case wide open.”

Noooo I’m not saying nothing happened, all the opposite

Either it was a conspiracy of a few dozen Muslim terrorists, or a thousands of government employees.

Either way, there are still dead and still bad laws as a result