武汉市黄陂区养猪场带着口罩继续加工猪瘟肉,投放各大商超。这是嫌死的人不够吗?The pig farm in Huangpi District, Wuhan City continued to process swine fever meat with masks and put them in major supermarkets. Is this enough to kill someone?

武汉市黄陂区养猪场带着口罩继续加工猪瘟肉,投放各大商超。这是嫌死的人不够吗?The pig farm in Huangpi District, Wuhan City continued to process swine fever meat with masks and put them in major supermarkets. Is this enough to kill someone?

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No. Unless you don’t cook it properly

#中共國 一袋儿菜100块



中共 国 100 bags of vegetables

Circled so you can only buy this
Do you accept
I will ask you

This is killing people on the chopping board.

When are you against

These are not my comments

Ah, thanks for clarifying

#中共國 武汉第一个感染病毒的人基本可以锁定,零号病人就是武汉病毒研究所的黄燕玲。2012年考入武汉病毒研究所的硕士,但媒体求证时,都被石正丽等人否定,说沒有这个人!黄燕玲个人资料都从病毒所网站下架,整个人人间蒸发,本人没有出来辟谣!好戏开始了!

#中共國 湖南新化,重要人物死了。

非常时期,这种场面和家里麻将桌被砸一樣,都属中共特色。 # 中共 国 Hunan Xinhua, important figures are dead.

In extraordinary times, this scene is just like the smashed mahjong table at home.

#中共國 微友:

網友回覆 洗潔精😢 # 中共 国 Weiyou:
On February 15th, this morning, a strange thing happened in Hu Village, Jiangkou, Jiangping.
Unknown items came out overnight, and it was not known whether they came from the sky or from the ground.
Huge white unknown, higher than people, surrounded by plants such as nearby fields, corners, vegetable fields
Some people say that the clouds in the sky have fallen, and some people speculate that the gods are descending from the earth …

Netizens reply

Context for next video, this is a Quarantine center and the CCP made print outs of toilets :toilet: for propaganda reasons

#觀點 你看看现在的社会,连个厕所都是假的,你说~还有什么是真的?#Viewpoint You look at the current society, even a toilet is fake, what do you say ~ what else is true?

#中共國 【低质低仿迷彩服=(恶)权力】
劣质迷彩服容易让普通底层人迷失自我……谨慎穿戴,尤其是三五十块一套,又不是自己掏钱买的那种……大凶!# 中共 国 [Low quality and low imitation camouflage clothing = (evil) power]
Poor quality camouflage clothing can easily make ordinary people at the bottom lose themselves … wear them with caution, especially a set of three or fifty yuan, but not the type you pay for yourself … big fierce!

#中共國 學習班全面上架 # 中国 国 The study class is fully available

#觀點 土共黨衛軍,以為站浴缸里就安全了!#Viewpoint The Turkish Communist Party Guards, thought it would be safe to stand in the bathtub!

#中共國 温州市联合广场封了,保安发病确诊很久了,没钱看病,一直瞒着。一个联合广场三栋楼,总计468户,一户按3人大约1200多被隔离。# 中共 国 Wenzhou Union Square has been sealed. The security has been diagnosed for a long time, and there is no money to see a doctor. There are three buildings in a Union Square with a total of 468 households. One household is isolated by about 1,200 people with 3 persons.

:arrow_up:death caused by operatives :arrow_up:

The same ones probably spitting on elevators and contaminating elevators

Taiwan Coronavirus Terrorist Cell

#武汉肺炎 #新型冠状病毒

隔离十四天,费用自付 # 武汉 肺炎 #New coronavirus

Fourteen days of quarantine at your own expense

Some dead, some holding on

世道变了/ The world has changed

To our Australian friends

You are being censored

Remember this

Remember their sins

They kept you in the dark

And censored you

They did this unified

Against you the public

If there are 1000 cases in 32 states

How bad is it in Australia

If you want the truth

Have them come here


We have the largest collection of coronavirus videos in the world

Scroll up and awaken

To the truth

Thank you Aries.
I have known Australia is censoring the information. That’s why I’m here.
27 Jan a Tigerair flight left Melbourne to the Gold Coast. 5 people on board have tested positive

They have quarantined some not all on board that plane.

Those 5 people were from China, they flew here on ? What plane. Never told if those people on international flight were quarantined.

Of those two took Melbourne flight to Gold Coast, at least 4 I know of went to 3 different schools for 3 days before being quarantined.
In South Australia 2 positive cases were sent to home isolation. They were found walking around the city and attended a property auction. Infecting goodness knows how many.
The government is quiet. No apparent other cases in 2 weeks. I call bullshit. Add to this the censorship and nothing from the media.

I Don’t know how you guys put up with it down there

It’s practically a totalitarian state

Aussies have never known Freedom. U.S. must invade Australia.

I don’t know what to do.
Many here are oblivious or calling it the flu. The information on the government websites are bullshit. 2% death rate!!! Not even close.
I haven’t sent my children to school since I found out on 29 Jan about this plane.
I’m being called crazy. Others have said we’ll all get it, don’t be afraid, most recover. F.

Aussies will never grant themselves freedom. It must be taken by force and given to them.

We need guns here. Now more than ever. No idea how I’m to protect myself and 2 little kids if it comes to it

U.S. will eventually invade Commonwealth nations.

U.S. does, in fact, need to route around China. This is somehow helping with that.

Posted 7 days ago

You are not crazy, many federal agents have also quit their jobs and gone into quarantine

Does anyone on here have connections to nyc hospitals? Would be good to know if they are prepping for or have any cases.

Talk to Mamba

But so far the CDC has fucked over hospitals

And have kept them in the dark

As well as the media

You want the truth

Have them come here

If cases arise in nyc without prep it’s over.

If operatives are in NYC infecting and killing Americans it’s the beginning of the end

If spread is much wider in USA then likely nyc would be impacted

But so far operatives are in