The order for watching “The Event” are as follows.

The order for watching “The Event” are as follows.

You are to watch the first episode.
Then the last episode. Remember that it was filmed in 2010. Compare to current events.

After watching the first and last episodes watch the whole series.
Pay attention for its all Disclosure

⤺ reposted by @0x1saiLH from 🔥🇦🇲 On September 9, a fire broke out in the very center of capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

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Leftists Frantically Begin Rebuilding Everything They Burned Down So They Can Burn It Down Again | The Babylon Bee

Why there is no speed limit in the superfluid universe

В 2 часа ночи по местному времени (45 минут назад) в Иркутске произошло землетрясение магнитудой 5,3. Говорят, в домах ходуном ходили даже шкафы

At 2 am local time (45 minutes ago), an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 occurred in Irkutsk. They say that even cupboards were shaking in houses

Эпицентр землетрясения находился в 83 км от Иркутска в озере Байкал, магнитуда 5,9
The epicenter of the earthquake was 83 km from Irkutsk in Lake Baikal, magnitude 5.9

Massive ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio’ mural painted on Brooklyn street

Neptune-Sized Planet Found Orbiting a Dead White Dwarf Star. Here’s the Crazy Part, the Planet is 4 Times Bigger Than the Star | Universe Today

CIA Labs

Who We Are
CIA Labs is a chartered member of the Federal Laboratory Consortium that brings CIA officers together with the private sector and academia to research and develop science and technology solutions in support of CIA’s mission. Through this work, CIA officers have access to leading researchers and unique facilities as well as exposure to stimulating national security challenges.
What We Do
CIA Labs conducts multidisciplinary research, development, testing, and engineering to address new challenges; adapt, improve, or accelerate the production of existing solutions; and solve persistent scientific and technological problems in new ways. Our research areas include:
• advanced materials and manufacturing;
• artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics;
• bioscience and biotechnology;
• distributed ledger/blockchain-enabled technologies;
• virtual and augmented reality;
• high performance and quantum computing;
• future wireless and telecommunications technologies; and
• robotic, autonomous, and human interface systems.
How You Can Participate
As a federal laboratory, CIA Labs seeks collaboration with other federal labs and academia and is interested in outreach from such partners. Please submit your ideas for partnerships and consortium research projects via this form. If inquiring about Cooperative Research and Development Arrangements (CRADA), please include the following details in your submission:
• Organization’s name and physical address
• Principal Investigator contact details including name, office and mobile phone numbers, and email
• A one to two paragraph description of the desired CRADA research and development effort, including the desired CRADA tasks and the potential benefits for each collaborator

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Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line; Taiwan President calls it a ‘threat of force’

Mysterious carvings and evidence of human sacrifice uncovered in ancient city

SputnikInt Just tweeted ****************************************** Space alien was shot dead near US military base in 1978, claims former US Air Force major

Thought we could all use some of that. :sob:

Little Tesla cat

NYPD cop spied on Tibet natives for China

Gov. Brown: Big wildfire excuses, small on funding | The Oregon Catalyst


Fisher-Price Releases ‘My First Peaceful Protest’ Playset With House You Can Actually Burn Down | The Babylon Bee

Shera how did we ever live without Babylon Bee before? I don’t think the Onion was ever this good back when it was awesome. :rofl:

The Age published an article in 2014 on what a pandemic in Melbourne would look like:

“A deadly pandemic could shut down Melbourne as we know it.

Public transport could be terminated, AFL games cancelled and the casino, schools and office towers forced to close.

It has been predicted that the first wave of a pandemic could cause 10,000 deaths in Victoria. But families and friends may not be able to publicly mourn lost loved ones, because funeral services could be stopped as part of policy of “social distancing”.

Soft disclosure???

The TV was found to be emitting a single high-level impulse noise (SHINE), which causes electrical interference in other devices.

The Onion is no dice compared to the BB. :rofl: