The old, Going to Hospital, Bunker switcharoo

The old, Going to Hospital, Bunker switcharoo

⤺ reposted by @0x1oknbY from Here's the video of Trump leaving the White House and boarding Marine One to head to Walter Reed hospital. He did n…

“Make Switcheroos A Distraction Again”

Too stiff! He’s lying

He looks fine

Could this b fake

White House must have sufficient and excellent health facilities for a mild covid case like the one he’s supposed to be showing

like i said this all smells like Misdirection to me

Andrews TC @ 2208

My first step towards Emergency Bug Out bag. Civilian style. Next week upgrades: First aid, wool socks and long johns, toiletries extra, hot water bladder, …and I’m thinking Green gear to be seen / browns/ green/blacks for grey man. What would y’all add?

Water filter - I prefer my lifesaver bottle but Straw will work as well.

I would get some rope as well and per Aries a crowbar (sp?)

I would also get silicon bowl and spork - easy to clean and take with you. As someone who spent a lot of time in the backcountry, some basics are nice.

Crowbar is if you know were the nearest bunker is located

or – raid an amazon/walmart distribution center or regular store (or even REI)

In case of Martial law: US military law

Also, a divy emergency sleeping bag and emergency blanket can go a long way.

deep fake?

Glad our government has officially condemned “QANON.” Will the riots will stop? Is this gonna stop buildings from being burned, stores from being looted, and government buildings from being vandalized?

Wanna know what Qanon has that Antifa does not


and lots of them

as well as Law Enforcement Support.

Yea, definitely on the list but will expand the pack to accommodate. :white_check_mark::+1:

Can you share link? :pray:

Yeah I would say look at this a glorified backpacking trip. Start with the outdoor stores alot of them have sales. I cannot emphasize, some little luxuries really go a long way.

Yes that’s a great add. Silicon eating ware. :+1:

Yes sure thing!

  • British military used them. One bottle filter can provide clean water for 1-2 people for a year

Yes that’s in the plan, the actual best Bug Out locations. TY