🇨🇳 The novel coronavirus may cause testicular damage and male infertility, Chinese experts found, recommending infected men take tests for semen quality and hormone levels.

:cn: The novel coronavirus may cause testicular damage and male infertility, Chinese experts found, recommending infected men take tests for semen quality and hormone levels.

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If in fact this is the case, imagine what a coronavirus vaccine will do to society? Georgia guidestone goal of population reduction to
500,000,000 achieved in a generation or two without bloodshed.

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Considering how hard they’re pushing the covid19 vaccine, it seems entirely plausible

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In a way, subtle eugenics and de-population or restriction of population has already been happening for years.

In Australia, for families to receive additional government benefits of financial assistance (a mere pittance of an extra ~$20/week/child), children going to public school or government subsidised childcare are required to be vaccinated.

Those from lower socioeconomic classes would be dependent on such government benefits.
Those from upper socioeconomic classes (who seem to be increasingly aware of the fact vaccines are not safe & filled with toxic chemicals) would not be dependent on such government benefits.

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And that’s why you never should give up your guns

:ru::helicopter: Half-forgotten, but still working, wooden airports of Russia: Dikson, Turukhansk, Seimchan, Solovki, Nyurba.

Полузабытые, но еще работающие, деревянные аэропорты России: Диксон, Туруханск, Сеймчан, Соловки, Нюрба.

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Yes. Australia didn’t have such strict gun control until 1996 when there was a false flag event (Port Arthur Massacre)

Yeah just for context! To know what these other reds are doing and Why.


Menzel initially performed solar research, but later concentrated on studying gaseous nebulae. His work with Lawrence Aller and James Gilbert Baker defined many of the fundamental principles of the study of planetary nebulae. He wrote the first edition (1964) of A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets, part of the Peterson Field Guides. In one of his last papers, Menzel concluded, based on his analysis of the Schwarzschild equations, that black holes do not exist, and he declared them to be a myth.

Menzel was a science fiction author; his “Fin’s Funeral” appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction in 1965. He was also an artist, creating watercolor paintings of alien creatures and scenes which often featured 3-dimensional “holes” though characters, clouds, and alien spaceships.

Menzel wrote the first edition of A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets, published in 1975 by HarperCollins, which rapidly became a best-seller. Subsequent editions were prepared after Menzel’s death by his student Jay Pasachoff; the current version is one of the Peterson Field Guides.

In Chapter IV of the first edition, Menzel apportions all 88 of the modern constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union into 8 broad families, as a way to help observers remember where the constellations are located.

The families are organized by common location or common theme. The Ursa Major, Perseus, Hercules, and Orion families include mainly constellations in the general vicinity of those four constellations. The Zodiac family includes the traditional 12 Zodiac constellations. The Heavenly Waters family includes mostly constellations generally associated with water. The Bayer family includes southern constellations first introduced by Plancius and subsequently included in Johann Bayer’s Uranometria in 1603. The La Caille family includes most of the constellations introduced by Lacaille in 1756 from stars charted during his observations at Cape Town.

The Psychological Strategy Board commissioned Menzel to advocate for skepticism concerning the reality of UFOs. He authored or co-authored three popular books to debunk UFOs: Flying Saucers - Myth - Truth - History (1953), The World of Flying Saucers (1963, co-authored with Lyle G Boyd), and The UFO Enigma (1977, co-authored with Ernest H. Taves). All of Menzel’s UFO books argued that UFOs are nothing more than misidentification of prosaic phenomena such as stars, clouds and airplanes; or the result of people seeing unusual atmospheric phenomena they were unfamiliar with. He was among the first prominent scientists to offer an opinion on the matter. One of Menzel’s earliest public involvements in UFO matters was his appearance on a radio documentary directed and narrated by Edward R. Murrow in mid-1950.

Menzel claimed to have his own UFO experience on 3 March 1955 while returning from the North Pole on the daily Air Force Weather “Ptarmigan” flight. His account is in both Menzel & Boyd and Menzel & Taves, in which he identified the ‘flying saucer’ he observed, as a mirage of Sirius. Menzel often explained that atmospheric hazes or temperature inversions could distort stars or planets, and make them appear to be larger than in reality, unusual in their shape, and in motion.

In 1968, Menzel testified before the U.S. House Committee on Science and Astronautics - Symposium on UFOs, stating that he considered all UFO sightings to have natural explanations.




OK READ Up on Dr. Menzel on of the OG members of Majestic 12.

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Question about matter and reality. A few years ago, woke up from a nap and could see rectangular light energy grids on the wall which faded the more I blinked and questioned what I was seeing. Don’t do drugs and wasn’t drinking when this happened.

Is all this a fantastic computer generated reality?

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