The Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is Highly Contagious and More Infectious Than Initially Estimated

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from 官方“辟谣”说漏雨的是没建成交付使用的病房。看看这段病房漏雨视频,说这样的病房没被使用,你服不服?The official "rumored" said that it was the ward that was leaking that had not been built for use.

Jesus. An R0 of 6.6??

See now why 3 weeks ago why I went into Bugout Mode

Why they had me tested

can anyone provide an invite link?

thank you

I get it. We have been preparing. I guess I have been lulled into false safety Re our trip to Mexico. I guess I’ll make that decision real time.

Where are my AZ peeps? Has anyone heard anything new locally?

Singapore Anon checking in

Welcome brother

Thanks man

Reading up on chat history

Pretty grim

I share forbidden knowledge

Not the so called “truth” that the media shares

Of course, of course


If you get any Singapore-related links

Feel free to spam me with it*

I’m already doomsday prepping

And if Singapore goes down so does the world ; I need to be on top of this

Thank you in advance

Talk to William

He’s up to date in here and knows what’s going on in Singapore

Alright pinged him


What a bunch of fucking cowards

This channel has room for 200,000 people

Awaken as many as you can

Go try it


And they send us to the CDC website

Who has 1000 cases in 32 states

Yup i see

But you can still see posts atleast

Invite as many as you can

No but it’s not recent

They are clamping down on


This is censorship

Ooh yeah i see

Not that it’s my main source

But it is wrong

It will cost lives

Mark my words