The Mysterious Stranger, and Others by Mark Twain

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Is this how we transition into colors and explain why some choose the Red path?

We were created as a slave class for gold mining. It’s why we’re obsessed with gold/currency as a species. The gold was being used to heal their atmosphere.

Our DNA was modified as a combination between theirs and ours with some switched off to keep us on task and keep us from tapping into our innate abilities - this was to keep us controlled. Only the ruling and priest classes were told shades of what we are actually able to do. This is why so many of our analogies for spirituality and energy stem from the same concepts cross-culturally. They are different modes, methods, stories, fables, archetypes all explaining the same things.

They tried using their own people as a gold-mining slave class but there was a massive revolt.

We were an alternate solution. Lots of trial and error until they got it right and we were able to self-replicate via reproduction. Prior to that, their women were giving birth to us. They tried to use our women for that, but it wasn’t working.

Because bloodlines were so important to them - it was how they passed on right to rule like in our own aristocracies - we were considered an abomination.

We were to be left to die during the flood.

But we were told to expect it, given intel, and some of us survived and rebuilt.

In general, it’s worth recognizing that experiments with effect of radiation on humans after Chernobyl have been and continue to be carried out (probably not only in Russia)
Back in 2015, appeared article that low doses of gamma radiation prolong the life of Drosophila flies

These experiments were conducted out by scientists from the Laboratory of Genetics of Aging and Longevity of MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
This article states that “vital signs in radiation-irradiated mice were also higher”
Moreover, in female of flies and mice this indicator was higher
So coronavirus can also be associated with similar studies. According to statistics, women tolerate coronavirus more easily and mortality among women is much lower, especially in the Asian and Asian-European groups.
I have long had the idea that all genetic research (as well as radiation) conducted at all not with the aim of treating certain diseases (HIV, cancer, etc.), but with the aim of prolonging the life of individuals (dictators, billionaires…)
Here involved big money and serious people
In the USSR such research began back in 1959 at JINR (Institute of Nuclear Research)

Already in 60s of last century, they tried to change human DNA using radiation :slightly_frowning_face:

Perhaps neither in US nor in Europe this known, because Soviet and Russian scientists have always been forbidden to publish papers in international scientific journals, all such studies strictly classified

:iran: Satellite imagery of Khojir Iranian military facility before and after explosion on June 26

Now there is huge area scorched, hundreds of meters (yards) of charred scrubland

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency says Iran overall has the largest underground facility program in the Middle East, “site of numerous tunnels, some of use for missiles assembly”, - AP

Explosion appears to have struck facility for Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group, which makes solid-propellant rockets

:iran: Спутниковые снимки иранского военного объекта Ходжир до и после взрыва 26 июня

Сейчас там выжжена огромная площадь, обугленные кустарники тянутся на сотни метров (ярдов).

По данным Агентства военной разведки США, в Иране действует крупнейшая на Ближнем Востоке программа подземных сооружений, в которых собирают ракеты, - AP

Взрыв, похоже, произошел на объекте промышленной группы Shahid Bakeri, производящей твердотопливные ракеты

Sumerian , yes? Very concise :smiley:

Correct. Sitchin.

I was wondering, recently; how the Sitchin material tied in the HD material that we have here. What do you think??

If we are all created for gold mining, why there is so much gold on earth still?

We were left here initially. But most of the oldest ruins are gold mines. Check out 200,000 year old gold mines in South Africa. The residual effect is that we are obsessed with gold/currency.

You’re an HD, Jill. Everyone is.

You are HD(human trapped in meat suit).

Aries posted his essay in here, I imagine. Reread with new eyes. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s very interesting and makes sense

Here @ONAUMA -

Well that is arguable. There is a bronze age and iron age but never heard of a gold age. Gold is valuable and has its uses since the earliest history, yet not mined as much as other things

Basis for Zecharia Sitchin’s work translating cuneiform tablets from ancient Sumer.

Look into the Earth Chronicles, his book series.

I re- read this. Truth is ever more stranger than fiction

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