The most vicious game of Whack-A-Mole ever.

⤺ reposted by @miette057 from 🇺🇸 — LISTEN: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said today Orthodox Jews “have never complied with the rules”.

The most vicious game of Whack-A-Mole ever.

that just looks way to aggressive

Well it was supposed to be @miette057 hitting the nail on the head but it ended up being a judgy little cancel cat. My bad. :rofl::rofl:

Indeed. lol


It looked like a cat wielding a hammer in the GIF menu. Now I know what shopping through Wish is like.

awwww :rofl::purple_heart:

But at any rate, spot on! Where’s the Fake Moral Outrage brigade??

Usa Flights look normal for now ill update more in morning

fun times

4chan hacked oregon’s voting record and is setting mailed in ballots to be voting for hitler

Washington’s have also apparently been breached

lemme go see if I can find some screencaps

If you have a VPN and feel like having fun, test it out! OSINT gives you all the details you’d need

Like this

Apparently they’re primarily investigating just how broken some of these systems are. Oregon is a 100% mail in state, AFAIK

History shows that societies collapse when leaders undermine social contracts


What I see around me feels like what I’ve observed in studying the deep histories of other world regions, and now I’m living it in my own life," says Feinman. “It’s sort of like Groundhog Day for archaeologists and historians.”

4 other states possibly vulnerable in a similar fashion


⤻ reposted @modestmc to They are currently testing 6 other states websites

While I certainly do not agree with any form of voter fraud (just had my mail box broken into for the third straight election cycle by jerks looking to steal ballots, so I’m more than a little opposed) I just feel the need to point out that comparing anyone to Hitler makes an individual kinda tune out and question the rest of what is being said, regardless of whether or not one has any love, disdain or indifference to the one being compared to such a monster. Just a helpful suggestion to improve dialogue on such topics.

But yes, voter fraud bad.


fake news, deleting

They were filling in details for the mail in ballot with Hitler like party affiliation

some uzbeck guy in england is running a script that has “cancelled” hundreds of ballots to prove a point

the main movement is focusing to identify how many other states are vulnerable

It’s not fake. It merely misrepresents the process of the exploit and the impact it has. It’s still a valid concern. And the fact that it’s circulating this way shows that the people who released it this way are looking for a PR push, especially since the mayor of Portland is named as the target of the demonstration.