The Lunokhod Rovers - It Happened in Space #7

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A friend of mine had this when i was a kid. Was really fun to play :blush:

Toys define the future of the kids. My legos made me an engineer eventually

i don’t know what kids play with today

Combat simulations

our “simulators” were more realistic

i also miss those


paper and rubber bands

accuracy 100

wrap the rubberband on your pinky and your thumb to create a simple slingshot and fold a small piece of paper into a square and shoot it

fun and simple

so long as you don’t backfire and hit yourself

guys why the hell are you guys buying the Ham Radio kits for you’re car and not taking the DAM HARM RADIO TEST

The show Utopia on amazon prime is 100% mkultra disclosure

loving utopia …

Ok you have Some homework coming up

I’m not going to chase War footage or Riot Porn

this will be more important.

I’ll tell all my friends.

8pm Eastern

Let’s all watch Greenland


We will know be posting Azazel Recaps online

Is Greenland a show?

8pm Eastern, Let’s all watch Greenland.

This film is one of those that you watch several times.

You will understand why it is censored.

Well that gave be chills all over…

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Watch it where?


Oh, you’re airing it?