The Italians are venting their hatred on the virus and smashing Chinese barbershops and restaurants. Who is to blame? CCP, you guys have to give an explanation?


The Italians are venting their hatred on the virus and smashing Chinese barbershops and restaurants. Who is to blame? CCP, you guys have to give an explanation?

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The real problem here is that this guy isn’t Chinese. This person is either Thai or Vietnamese

Jimmy I just translate and post not a fact finder or ever want to be a journalist

What are your metrics of success?

Keep in mind that this article was printed on 2/12/20 when there were only 60 million quarantined and everyone expected to go back to work on the following Monday.

Since then they have quarantined 780 million total.

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Bringing down central banks, world domination, establishing a 1 world government, releasing forbidden technology, you know the usual.

Liposomal vitamin C is the best to take. It’s fat molecules bonded to vitamin c and your cells can absorb it better so you get it faster and don’t have to take as much. I had the flu and then developed into pneumonia. It has been bad too. I couldn’t breathe and hardly walk. I really thought I was dying. I took 6g of liposomal vitamin c and by the next day I felt a whole lot better. It’s been three days now and I’m still not completely over it but so much better than I was. Three days ago I was in bed thinking I could possibly die from this and now I’m up doing a lot and feeling really good.



I’m looking at getting a Mossberg


Where do you buy it?

How much was it? And what size was the container.

We are 5 (me, wife, 3 teens)

i just ordered three bottles of a liquid form. Thanks for the tip.

You can buy it on amazon. There’s capsules or liquid. The liquid tastes horrible. You can also make it. It’s just ascorbic acid mixed with a fat. There’s YouTube videos on how to make it.


Thanks from MAINE

i was planning to drive up to Montreal to pick up some silver coins and now going Hmmmmm…

water bady can go 3 weeks without food water shelter

just ticking boxes… food, money, guns, and ammo

whats money gonna buy you

No problem. With liposomal vitamin c you don’t have to take as much. 6-8000 mg is equal to about 24,000 mg of regular vitamin c. I was taking about everything natural and pharmaceutical and wasn’t getting better at all. After the first day I could tell it was kicking it.


I’m seriously focusing on

What When scenarios:
Ozone generators
Vitamin C
ultraviolet lights
Rubber gloves
Mask solutions
Clothing solutions

I’m getting the money to buy a bunch of shit. But I only want to buy what will run out of possible.

at least one Mossberg and related accessories

I’ve read that ozone will break down the AEROSOLIZED virus… but I know ozone at high levels is toxic… So haven’t decided if I want to titrate ozone in our l living space (all though it’s a great business opportunity)

Vitamin C and fat mix for amping the immune system

Ginger soup for amping the immune system

UV lights around the house to kill virus ( it’s what they do in China in hospitals to kill off bacteria and viruses in the rooms… They tell you to CLOSE your eye so you don’t get blinded

Masks. I have some. Not enough. I want to get P100 respirators, but need a way to take off and put on without getting infected… As I don’t think the will be enough disposable.
NOTE, you can not re-use disposable masks. And can not use them once water vapor penetrates them. Maybe 8 hours max.

Clothing WILL pick up the virus… So need to find a way to strip, wash, OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE before entiering… Like building a clean room