the incubation period of the virus can go from 3 days to as long as 24 days!

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I actually think they don’t fucking know. There are so many ideas about this.
We are canceling our trip to Mexico. I was unsure up until today.
But this feels like there is a big escalation and the calm before the storm in the US.
Time to hunker down.

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Honestly now I’m more concerned that my husband and I flew through SFO. I flew through 2 weeks ago when flights from China were still coming in.

And my husband flew through a week ago.

“I fear their too late. That everybody is dragging their feet in getting ready for this and I think this is going to really explode.”

  • Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer prize winning journalist that covered the Ebola and other epidemics


Where was this written?

That’s just one province on one night

13,000 those are just the tip of the iceberg

In the video. Anderson Cooper is interviewing her and she says it.

本帮- 广西四个贫困县之一的都安县,目前已经确诊了14个新冠肺炎病人,死亡一人。而剩下的这13个患者就是被照片里的这帮穿着自制的残缺不全的医疗防护用品的医护人员在收治中。如此简陋的装备,哪像是在面对凶残的新冠病毒啊,难道广西这个贫困县城的新冠病毒就不如武汉的那么凶残暴虐吗? # 朱 韵 和 twitter
@ 本 帮-Duan County, one of the four impoverished counties in Guangxi, has confirmed 14 new patients with corona pneumonia and has died. The remaining 13 patients were being treated by the medical staff wearing self-made and incomplete medical protective equipment in the photo. Such simple equipment is like facing the cruel new crown virus. Isn’t Guangxi’s poor county town the new crown virus is as cruel and violent as Wuhan?

Oh snapppp…

40000多人大聚会,有力推动灾情进一步恶化,国家监察调查组已经到达武汉,相信一定会好好请市长喝茶,管理国安部门的政法委领导也将武汉,国安部门可以秘密逮捕任何任何危害国家安全的人,无论多大级别官员,武汉市长做到了比精锐美军在朝鲜战场都做不到的事情,相信国家一定会给老百姓一个交代 Wuhan ’s mayor ’s media disappeared for a week. The mayor did not appear in the media after the 2nd. The mayor ’s credit was very large. The disaster occurred for more than a month without effective prevention and control. More than 5 million people left Wuhan for the country and the world. It claimed that this was The announcement of infectious diseases requires instructions and time for the people across the country to understand. I do n’t know if thousands of family members and friends who have lost loved ones can understand.
More than 40,000 people’s congresses have strongly promoted the further deterioration of the disaster. The National Supervision and Investigation Team has arrived in Wuhan. I believe that the mayor will be invited to drink tea. The leaders of the political and legal committees that manage the National Security Department will also Wuhan. People, no matter what level of officials, the Mayor of Wuhan has done more than the elite US military can do in the Korean battlefield, I believe the country will give an explanation to the people

Two people asking me, “What about dropping a bomb??”

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Strong words…

昨天发的视频翻墙水军们说砸的是开在公寓里的麻将馆,不是私宅。那就再看看这个,难道这也是麻将馆?The video posted yesterday said that the smashed army was a mahjong hall in an apartment, not a private house. Then look at this again. Is this also Mahjong Pavilion?

#中共國 彈盡糧絕,文明偷菜
這種偷法目前還算有人性,再封二個月,這麼偷菜放點錢就可恥了,因為你的錢只是一張紙,農民種的菜才是最金貴的食物。# 中国 国 Do n’t eat anything, civilization steals food
Comment: Some places in Hubei have begun stealing, will the days of grabbing be far behind?
This method of stealing is still human, and it will be shameful for another two months. It is shameful to steal some vegetables and put some money on it, because your money is only a piece of paper, and the vegetables grown by farmers are the most expensive food.

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