The Hidden King. Joseph Gregory Hallett.

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Oh boy

you recon this guy is legit in any way?..or even if so …has any chance?..

I thought it extremely odd when I saw the royal crest removed from Buckingham Palace.

i heard a truck hit it…12 months ago?..

Has nothing to do with that guy

Things are getting Biblical around here! :facepunch:t2: As a friend of mine just said, “Get ready for anything this week!” He called it, “BOOM Week!”



No it’s nonsense

Todays SpaceWeather News — magnetic anomaly

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I’m In uk, the Crest has been removed, and the royals spokesman has said Buck palace is being renovated :rofl: as its uninhabitable. They are all living separately in other homes, never to return to the palace. That seems to be the only official thing I’ve seen. I’ve seen many interviews with this man, loads on youtube. But can only speculate at the moment as it’s not been mentioned

Dun dun dunnn

Wow, so what’s the real story. They know something

The royals are most likely in bunkers

I’ve heard a different story but like I say, its hearsay at the moment. There are rumours and seems to be legitimate papers that she was never the legitimate heir to the throne. 63 years reign being a lie / deception. I’m trying to locate that official doc