The fly that landed on Hillary Clinton's face during the debate

:30 sec into it

⤺ reposted by @modestmc from Hillary had one in 2016. Kinda funny

You can at least see this one land on her face

Rather than fade in

As you can see the volume of flights has increased , the times Janet’s normally fly to area 51 from Nevada are between 7am-11am daily and night 5pm-10pm

the times of these flights are outside these windows .

meaning something Major is happening

I don’t doubt it

This is a normal night /day on earth look how many planes and in that mess once your strip the layers down, lots of Blocked, Na to Na , and strange flights are hiding , what’s worse are the records are disappearing . (ill rephrase) the websites are being hacked

Lets look at the USA (5 random spots) between 12pm/3am pst/est 5 helicopters all going nowhere they take off but have all filed no flight paths …what’s the odds on that ??

Now lets look at planes with NA to NA
these planes have no flightpath
start striping the layers and you start seeing the problem

3am EST Washington DC what’s wrong with this picture??