The fight rages on!!!! ⚔️

The fight rages on!!! :crossed_swords:

Don’t chase the White Vans :minibus:

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Seriously wtf, so ur saying this is a distraction from underground activity ?

They are saying it was for a taped MTV award

Yeah I’d say that’s pretty accurate

Godspeed to Sub-T Troops

Some of the Doomsday groups are named in honor of Task Forces that are doing these raids

You’ll see

In time

Which flavor do you want Neil

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:us: Two soldiers were killed and three were injured in an UH-60s Black Hawk helicopter crash late evening of 27 August on San Clemente Island, Southern California
The helicopter belonged to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, also known as the Night Stalkers

Defense Department official told The San Diego Union-Tribune that crash occurred on San Clemente Island, which is about 70 miles west of San Diego and controlled by U.S. Navy. The island falls under the command of Naval Base Coronado.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:us: Два солдата погибли, трое получили ранения во время крушения вертолета UH-60s Black Hawk вечером 27 августа.
Вертолет принадлежал 160-му авиационному полку специальных операций, также известному как Night Stalkers (Ночные охотники)

Представитель Минобороны сообщил San Diego Union-Tribune, что авария произошла на острове Сан-Клементе (Южная Калифорния), который находится примерно в 70 милях к западу от Сан-Диего и контролируется командованием военно-морской базы Коронадо

Holyshit a Night Stalker crash in the United States

Russians are saying:

This crash is not in database yet
According to journalists, representative of Min.Defense spoke on condition of anonymity

But in Russia they are shouting about it on all the Russian military channels

:airplane: #Air_crashes
Officially - at 10 plane crashes per day
August 27 and 28


What’s a night stalker? Video won’t load. Is that a special operation plane?

Most people just research or stay on the sidelines feeling superior knowing everything. Knowing everything and taking action is the key to victory for surival.

Tier 1 teams have their own fleet of helicopters that ferry them during Special Operations

They are called Night Stalkers





That’s 410 plane crashes in 2020 alone

Not a peep from the FAA or CNN, Fox News, NY Times or DoD

Japan’s ‘flying car’ gets off ground, with a person aboard

What we’re looking at is a six-person private craft that promises to fly at jet speeds, but with eight times lower fuel consumption, and a range that’s twice that of a comparably sized craft.

If FAA certification and finding a manufacturing facility goes to plan, we could see the first commercial deliveries of the Celera 500L by 2025.

It’s like the Hindenburg with wings.

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