The DUMB Quake Guide

The DUMB Quake Guide

Hey everyone, as many of you know I have spent nearly 6 weeks round the clock researching and finding Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and then cross-triangulating them against a series of known other variables that may help to verify one existing such as Heat data, Drone sightings and Missing Persons along with Quake data.

Below is the link to the research and mapping I have done primarily for the US (and expanding it globally shortly). There are multiple layers so that you can turn them off/on to digest the data easier. Also the 5.0 quakes layer is just quakes not tied to any specific DUMBs (yet). The Keys to reading the map are below the link.

DUMBS Layer (icon with a Star)
Green= White Hat Controlled
Orange=Black Hat Controlled

Black= Missing Persons (possible or confirmed DUMB) black (extra marker) are to highlight where people have gone missing in the same place

Regions where there is a cluster of quakes with known DUMBS around them have been highlighted as well in shapes

Connections between DUMBS

In some rare cases, I was able to get enough info to determine that some DUMBs are high probably connected and drew lines to connect them

Quakes (normal markers)
Purple = confirmed in same area as a DUMB
Blue = Havent had time to mark or remove them yet
anything with ? is to be further confirmed (orange or green)

Drones Colorado, Nebraska area
Burgundy Colour = Marked in little disks/UFOs. To highlight that they were sighted in those areas

Thank you @AriesAzazel for your support / guidance to get to this point!

⤺ reposted by @paktani28 from 100% PROOF OF An explosion at CHINA LAKE EARTHQUAKE

the one below Ghana

most likely submarine entrance to base…

⤻ reposted @paktani28 to the one below Ghana

This is the guide that @wokeintel and @AriesAzazel were referring to. Its ongoing and being updated all the time with a whole lot more stuff!

Anyone that wants to contribute to research things like
-cow mutilations
-missing persons
-mysterious things on Google earth
-drone sightings
-mysterious beings sightings (giants, manbearpig, HD2As, you name it)

Feel free to PM. Ive got plenty of stuff to research.

Thanks. I couldn’t find where this was originally posted. Which area do we need the most research right now?

My two cents: Pick whichever one interests you most so you are less likely to get burnout. :purple_heart:

Ok. Makes sense.

This all makes sense , i have also been heavily researching collation patterns
and creating a multi layered map.