The Cure - This Is A Lie


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Watching TV, movies, youtube, social media, other edutainment — All makes you stupider, while making you think you’re getting smarter.

It’s not all lies.

Rather something much worse.
Only those things that you’re most sure of not being lies, are all turning out to be lies.

One more going underground :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope you are connecting the dots.

Keep preparing yourselves

Yes , we are thank you team Aries and others. Much appreciated

For Posterity

Nothing on MSM

See timestamps

Protesters invaded the suburbs :arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down:


Metadata is forever

Also once again 19 EAM for Wednesday October 7th, 2020.


Winter Winter keep mapping it out

@hiddeninthegarden watch Janet flights tonight

Bruno check in

Earn Ham Radio :radio: there is a reason Military families are all doing the testing.

These sites have study materials and sample tests

Radio feeds and frequency listings

Download the books you need to survive, after downloading place in a Faraday Cage

I owe you an apology for doubting your sincerity and professionalism.its just been scared thanks so much Mrs Stephanie for changing my life.

Slow this down to 1/4 speed

and watch CGI magically make a fly appear

Will send you info via dm at 3am est

good job @modestmc

You don’t add CGI to a vice presidential candidate on national television unless you have some really deep shit coming your way

Um WTF look at the date release

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Omg now this is too good. Sometimes a laugh is just classic good ole medicine. Well the cgi being something small here I wonder what else they enjoy playing with lately.