The creation of several black markets overnight

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Lol :joy:

And do it begins

The creation of several black markets overnight

I have been trying over a month to get my friends and family to prep, and yesterday we received our first case and boom, they all went out and stocked up… But masks aren’t available anymore

I bet the MAsk are all on the darknet sites lol @KAP1386

Bitcoin for N95 mask lol :mask:

yeah get scammed probably.

cleanest way to pay, though

Yep, you’re right! Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared

All medical staff I know from lab techs to Dr’s… Pvt or government is not wearing PPE

We can buy them now at 160 dollars for 20pack :see_no_evil:

Lol I bought 20 for 50$ at Home Depot today

Got lucky bought the last of them the second they put them out

Crazy prices :see_no_evil:

Hello everybody. I’m Giacomo and I’m writing from Milan, Italy

Corona virus is a really major thing

We have no idea of how to manage it

Our hospitals (which by the way are free and mostly excellent) are swamped

:fu: Takealot, never use them again seeing price hike

There’s no place in intensive care

Bird action Aries ^

Our enemy here is quantity

This illness hits so many people that intensive care simply cannot cope

Stay safe and take this situation very very seriously

It’s no freaking joke

I’m so worried for my parents and for all the senior people I care about

I’m also worried I won’t be able to take care of my two children

4 and 6

I’m a solid person. I don’t panic

I’m very rational

eBay should of did this weeks ago before they all sold out, now they have pretty much removed any chance for the normal person to get these

Italy is in very serious distress

The birbs know they always know

Agreed, fuckers