The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun

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I want you to watch it again

none of you have said it yet

what did Satan make

that was of Clay

…this is how an ancient Gnostic Mystery School teaching starts.
Someone else answer. :eagle::eagle:

Foliage on the island, fruit, the castle, coffins and possibly the priest?


Man :man:

(Sound of crickets…) :adult:t3:‍:probing_cane:

He made Mankind

gnostic :slight_smile:

So Satan and “God” are technically the same guy, and we are made and destroyed on an “as needed” basis

not exactly. satan needs to be remembered to exits

read the original story

god doesn’t need to be remembered like that its “existence” itself of u and me and everything else

New blue thing from china


Copy that. :+1:

Is this how we transition into colors and explain why some choose the Red path?

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Because he wanted to be praised …

Duality :fire::ice_cube:
Dualism :yin_yang:

…lower 3D :expressionless: