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If only more folks woke up. That’s why we are free from playing sides with politics. Because they want division. So we can’t unite and take initiative and make real progress. Instead wasting our energy time resources etc on fighting each other.

Love our groups free of bs, racism and division!!! :sunglasses::pray::sunglasses:

:rocket: SpaceX’s 100th launch was successful!
Despite only 40% favorable weather conditions, the launch took place.
Thus, the first stage made its fourth landing (after the CRS-19, CRS-20 and Starlink 8 missions). For SpaceX, this is the 60th successful stage landing

:rocket: Сотый запуск для SpaceX стал успешным!
Несмотря на благоприятные всего на 40% погодные условия, пуск состоялся.
Первая ступень совершила уже четвёртую свою посадку (после миссий CRS-19, CRS-20 и Starlink 8). Для SpaceX это уже 60-я успешная посадка ступени

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Meanwhile in Russia

:cn::india: China has deployed additional anti-aircraft missile systems, likely HQ-9, in Tibet’s border areas with India

:cn::india: Китай развернул дополнительные зенитные ракетные комплексы, вероятно, HQ-9 в приграничных с Индией районах Тибета

:india: #INDIA :cn: #CHINA
:black_small_square:Satellite images also show China is building a helipad in close proximity to two new air defense positions which covering sensitive areas of the disputed border in Doklam and Sikkim sectors.
:black_small_square:Diagram shows the clash between troops of India and China on the night of August 30
:black_small_square:Currently, the Indian and Chinese armies have deployed nearly 100,000 soldiers and large quantities of military equipment along the Line of actual control

:black_small_square:Cпутниковые снимки также показывают, что Китай строит вертолетную площадку в непосредственной близости от двух новых позиций ПВО, прикрывающих чувствительные участки спорной границы в секторах Доклам и Сикким
:black_small_square:На схеме показано столкновение войск Индии и Китая в ночь на 30 августа
:black_small_square:В данный момент индийская и китайская армии развернули почти 100 000 солдат и большое количество боевой техники вдоль Линии фактического контроля

Ladakh Standoff: Chinese soldiers came “in large numbers” along the south bank of the Pangong Lake, said sources, and the intent was to unilaterally occupy areas.

It’s not S400 but still HQ-9 is still concerning @Insider20

Yes, especially given the fact that, unlike Russians, the Chinese are not inclined to launder money

Recap 8/30/2020

  1. The CDC has recently published on its website that only 6% of reported COVID-19 deaths were actually from COVID-19 alone; most who died had two to three comorbidities and 90% of those were of advanced age in nursing homes. CNN and Twitter would not allow POTUS to share actual COVID-19 numbers recently published on the CDC website that do not fit their narrative.

  2. SpaceX performed a milestone first polar orbital launch of a satellite from its East Coast launch facility at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX’s 100th launch was successful. Despite only 40% favorable weather conditions, the launch still took place. The first stage made its fourth landing (after the CRS-19, CRS-20 and Starlink 8 missions). For SpaceX, this is the 60th successful stage landing.

  3. Charles Milliken: “Given that you and everyone you know likes cheap stuff and frightens easily this will happen again. Your neighbor will also hoard. My suggestion is you follow the Mormon practice of doing your hoarding BEFORE the panic hits. A year’s supply of stuff may tie up a few thousand bucks and one bedroom to store it, but at least you can look forward being relaxed about your supply of bathroom necessities.”

  4. In regards to butane, the military started buying up in April, military families in May. Main reason is supply chain. No propane, butane, heating lamps, patio lamps for the winter. Complete shortage or limited inventory at stores and winter is not here yet. Cassandra Kane: “Forget toilet paper. Apparently there’s a butane fuel (8 oz. canisters for camp stove) shortage, at least here in Maine. I finally ran out of the supply I brought with me from D.C. and went to multiple retailers today to re-stock for a camping trip this weekend. Zilch.” Andrew Norman: “Apparently there is a shortage of the screw-on butane/propane gas canisters owing to supply disruption caused by COVID-19.”

  5. Homebound consumers are hunting for new appliances and HVAC equipment, but there’s a supply shortage caused by manufacturing slowdowns and increased demand. Contractors say they’re facing a shortage of filters as businesses reopen, with lead times as long as 12 weeks for high-efficiency filters cited by one contractor.

  6. PPE shortage could last years without strategic plan. Shortages of personal protective equipment and medical supplies could persist for years without strategic government intervention, officials from health care and manufacturing industries have predicted.

  7. UCLA scientists test decontamination methods for N95 respirators so they can be used again. Scientists hope new methods can mitigate the chronic shortage of personal protective equipment. N95 respirators, which are widely worn by health care workers treating patients with COVID-19 and are designed to be used only once, can be decontaminated effectively and used up to three times, according to research by UCLA scientists and colleagues. An early-release version of their study has been published online, with the full study to appear in September in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. The study authors concluded that vaporized hydrogen peroxide was the most effective method because no traces of the virus could be detected after only a 10-minute treatment. They found that ultraviolet light and dry heat are also acceptable decontamination procedures, as long as the methods are applied for at least 60 minutes.

  8. Woolgrowers are scrambling to find shearing teams this year due to border closures between states – and countries.

  9. Farm robots given Covid-19 boost. Shortage of agricultural workers behind 40 per cent rise in funding for sector start-ups

  10. Tech startup, trying to be Amazon for farms, runs into agriculture giants. Farmers Business Network wants to revolutionize e-commerce for farming supplies. It has hit headwinds from established manufacturers and retailers.

  11. Small businesses have been constantly grappling with drastically reduced liquidity, disrupted supply chains, and lending challenges. To bounce back, they need to re-imagine their business models and identify their place and role in the new normal. Hence, most small businesses have realized that going digital is critical and now they are willing to disrupt them.

  12. Russian national arrested for conspiracy to introduce malware into a Nevada company’s computer network. Before attempting to flee the United States, the defendant allegedly plotted with co-conspirators to pay $1 million to a company employee to surreptitiously insert the malware. Kryuchkov graduated from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, one of the world’s leading universities in the training of programmers. The Tesla employee who refused to participate in the fraudulent operation was likely 31-year-old Ukrainian Dmitry Volkov.

  13. Australia is grappling with a farm labor shortage just weeks from the start of the country’s winter grain harvest.

  14. Chile salmon shortage sparks scramble for product. A national truck strike in Chile is affecting supply in the South American nation’s main salmon market.

  15. Since Friday, a series of earthquakes have occurred in Antarctica. One of them was a 5.1 on the Richter scale, said TN Colonel Emilio Obelar, head of the Uruguayan Artigas base.

  16. The northern province of Jujuy is suffering an exponential increase in coronavirus cases, including among its top authorities, which has brought its health system to the brink of collapse. “The situation is critical. We have 93 percent of the intensive therapy beds occupied by people from the hinterland of the province. In two or three weeks it will peak in San Salvador [de Jujuy, the provincial capital]. We are preparing for a collapse,” said Sergio Barrera Ruiz, a doctor at Wenceslao Gallardo Hospital in Palpalá and a leading figure from the national medical association (AMRA, in its Spanish acronym). Last week, Marcelo Villa, the director of the Guillermo Paterson Hospital in San Pedro, the province’s second-largest city, said his hospital was on the verge of collapse.

  17. Argentina makes moves to align with China over past 40 days. On July 7, the CEO of Huawei Argentina Steven Chen Shiqing met with the Chief of Staff of Chancellery for installation of technology with potential spy 5G, rejected by the Western world for threatening national security. On the same day, a convention was announced for the production of 9 million tons of pig meat, multiplying Argentine production 14 times. China renews the swap with the BCRA to strengthen its reserves. By August 7, in resolution 30917/20, the government authorizes the installation of the Chinese People’s Army military base in Neuquén for satellite interception. On August 12, Argentina boycotts the presidency of the IDB for the USA. On the same day, the summit between the authorities of the JPs and the Chinese Communist Party increases international cooperation and exchange of political tables for their training.

  18. Huawei focuses on cloud computing to secure its survival. Chinese company’s fast-growing unit still has access to US chips despite sanctions.

  19. China is taking advantage of India’s intelligence failures. New Delhi has failed to learn from its mistakes.New Delhi and Beijing have now embarked on a fitful process of de-escalation. But even as the two parties seek to restore some semblance of normalcy along their shared border, a critical question lingers: Why was India’s security establishment seemingly blindsided by China? Local officials in Ladakh have in fact been sounding the alarm about Chinese forays into Indian territory for years, a fact that points to a complete breakdown in New Delhi’s intelligence gathering and risk assessment. It wouldn’t be the first time. And India doesn’t seem to be learning crucial lessons from previous security failures.

  20. India said Chinese troops carried out military movements over the weekend to change the status quo on their disputed border in a fresh flare-up between the two sides. Chinese border troops “never cross the line of actual control”, the Chinese foreign ministry said, as fresh conflict reignited between Chinese and Indian troops at the border of both countries.

  21. A kite carried a three-year-old child into the sky in Taiwan. The kid held on tight and managed to escape.

  22. With the demand for printed fabric rising in view of the upcoming festival of Diwali along with the marriage season, the textile industry in Surat is struggling to regain its lost momentum as nearly 10 lakh laborers had left the city owing to the lockdown. In order to facilitate the return of laborers, the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made a representation to the Union Ministry of Railways to restart train services from Odisha and add more trains from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. President of Southern Gujarat Textile Procession Association, Jitu Vakhariya said, “At present, around 60 percent of dyeing and printing mills – out of a total of 350 mills in Surat – are running at 50 percent capacity. Some mills are running only day shifts. The major reason is the shortage of workforce. We are also receiving a good amount of orders from southern India. To meet the demand of upcoming festivals and the marriage season, we are paying textile laborers more. We give them salaries every three-four days, so that they can purchase ration and meet other expenses. Some factory owners are also providing ration kits to laborers who have returned only recently. We will also also request BJP MPs to intervene and speak to the Union Railways Ministry on our behalf.”

  23. As infrastructure problems continue to plague the Osmania General hospital (OGH) in Hyderabad, a section of doctors are now asking the administration to reopen the hospital’s old heritage building which was sealed shut on July 22 after it was flooded with rain water. Doctors from OGH also said that the closure of the old heritage structure has resulted in surgeries being halted due to lack of space. Patients who require planned surgeries are being sent to other government hospitals now. The OGH’s main heritage building was not flooded all through August in spite of heavy rains lashing Hyderabad for more than a week. The building was sealed shut on the basis of its ground floor wards getting flooded during heavy rain in July. It was later found that the flooding was a result of a choked sewer that passes from underneath OGH. A shocking incident of infrastructure damage also came to light in the Quli Qutb Shah building earlier this month. A huge patch of the ceiling’s plaster fell off inside the bathroom of a duty doctor within the block. Not surprisingly, doctors said that the block is riddled with other issues, like shortage of medical instruments. A hospital official, who did not want to be quoted, conceded that the contractor who was given the tender to complete certain works inside the Quli Qutb Shahi block did not do a good job, which is why there has been one issue after another. “Moreover, he has only finished 60% of the work, and 40% or so is still pending,” the official added.

  24. Seventeen are dead so far in the Odisha floods with over 10,000 houses damaged. The flood situation worsened in Odisha as several districts were inundated by floodwater from Mahanadi River System.

  25. Karachi, a population of 15 million, is largely underwater. Pakistan’s largest city has had its roads turned into rivers, its houses destroyed and its people fleeing to shelters - the suffering of its worst floods since records began. Pakistan lacks effective flood warning system, says NDMA as seasonal torrential rains claim 134 lives. Every year, Pakistan struggles to cope with the annual monsoon deluge and other rain-related incidents which cause huge loss of life and properties. The monsoon season runs from June-July through September.

  26. The Taliban held a “military parade" in the Helmand province. A month ago, a wave of such “parades” swept across Afghanistan, when President Ghani released about 500 militants involved in serious crimes from prison. Likewise the Taliban celebrated the signing of an agreement with the US in Doha, which they regarded as a victory over the “infidels.” Today, the US Air Force launched airstrike on Taliban positions in Afghanistan between Tash Kurgan and Andkhoy.

  27. Iran could be on the brink of experiencing an explosion far worse than the horrific scenes in Beirut earlier this month, putting millions of lives at risk, experts have warned. Human Rights Activist and Iranian journalist Kourosh Sehati has warned millions of lives in Iran could be at risk due to a large amount of oil reserves being kept near to an active earthquake zone. Sehati has highlighted an oil department in Tehran, which is located near a fault line, as an area at high risk of triggering an explosion. He has warned any potential blast would be “worse” than the devastating chemical warehouse explosion that killed more than 150 people and injured 5,000 others in Beirut, Lebanon. Three oil departments including one in Shahran – located north-west of Tehran – have been identified as a potential cause for disaster. Tehran is home to some of the largest gas reserves with capacity of 30,000 liters of oil spread across 300 tankers.

  28. Two Katyusha rockets fell near Baghdad International Airport.

  29. Israel Defense Forces fired illuminating rockets over Naqurah, at Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

  30. Israeli plane on first commercial passenger flight to the UAE just entered Saudi Arabia airspace. This is the first time an Israeli plane is flying over Saudi airspace.

  31. Lebanon’s insurers would largely be off the hook if the blast was deemed deliberate. But investigators are most likely to conclude that it was an accident.

  32. An international coalition led by the United States today dispatched a US military convoy of 50 trucks carrying logistics equipment and ammunition through the Alwaleed checkpoint to the Syrian province of Hasaka, where the US base of Al Shaddadi is located.

  33. A powerful explosion occurred in a fast-food restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Evacuation of residents has begun. Roads are temporarily closed.

  34. France called on Mali’s military junta to “quickly” organize a transition to civilian rule after this month’s coup, warning that the political crisis would benefit terrorists. The August 18 coup has shocked ally France, which fears instability in Mali could undermine its military campaigns against Islamist militants in West Africa’s Sahel region. “This transition must be done quickly… It is a matter of months,” Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly told French media. “If this is not done, then the risk is that it will first benefit the terrorists, because terrorists feed on the weakness of states and the Malian state is weak, very weak at the moment,” she added. “Moreover, the international community, which has committed itself to the Sahel, and Mali in particular, could ask itself questions,” she also warned. Swathes of Mali’s territory are outside of the control of central authorities and years of fighting have failed to halt an Islamist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives since emerging in 2012. France has more than 5,000 soldiers as part of Operation Barkhane, its anti-jihadist force in the Sahel. The UN has deployed 13,000 soldiers to Mali in one of its biggest peacekeeping operations, while a European special forces group dubbed Takuba and the so-called G5 Sahel, an under-resourced force of regional soldiers, are also present. Mali’s military rulers on Saturday postponed the first scheduled meeting with political and civil organizations on the transfer of power. A protest coalition that had campaigned against former president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the June 5 Movement, was not invited to the meeting and accused the new military rulers of trying to hijack the coup. Neighboring West African countries, which are demanding a return to civil rule and elections within 12 months, decided Friday to maintain the closure of borders and a ban on trade and financial flows with Mali.

  35. Senegalese authorities are removing about 3,050 tons of ammonium nitrate from the port of Dakar. The amount is said to be a larger volume of the chemical that was involved in the August 4 explosion in Beirut.

  36. Ten children tragically killed by lightning strike in Uganda. Fourteen kids, aged nine to 16, had been playing football near Arua City when the storm hit.

  37. How closing pubs in Europe started a nut crisis in West Africa. From Africa to the US, a global nut crisis is spreading as demand for snacks from bars, airlines, weddings and other social events plummets in the wake of Covid-19. However, long term, the trend towards healthier diets and rising affluence should ensure demand remains robust.

  38. Telegram suffered a massive failure on Sunday, August 30. Users from all over the world have problems, but the worst situation is in Europe and Russia. In addition to Belarus and Russia, residents of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine have complained about the messenger’s dropped service most of the day. Interesting to note that these were all places with massive protesting and/or rioting going on during the outages. The Internet is also almost completely disconnected in Belarus. Internet speed was very limited at the request of Lukashenko. In an effort to maintain service and get the word out about happenings inside the country, the citizens have been hot wiring internet connections. The internet in Russia has been unreliable as well.

  39. Rosatom has declassified footage of the world’s largest nuclear explosion, which occurred almost 60 years ago - the most powerful bomb in history - Tsar Bomba. This bomb is 3300 times more powerful than the one that destroyed Hiroshima.

  40. Nobody knows when, or even if, opposition leader Navalny will return to his previous role as he recuperates in Berlin. One of the most visible dissidents in Russia, Lyubov Sobol is stepping up her work in Alexei Navalny’s absence.

  41. Security forces have set up a cordon near Lukashenko residence. A large convoy of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles are moving towards Minsk. Armored personnel carriers move towards Lukashenko’s residence. Lukashenko’s press secretary, when asked by RIA Novosti about his whereabouts, sent a photo of the dictator with a machine gun in front of the besieged palace. Security forces with anti-drone guns in their hands suppressed UAV flights for protesters and journalists. A crowd of thousands of protesters came close to the security forces cordon near Lukashenko’s residence and chanted “Go away!” People broke through the internal troops’ cordon. As expected, provocations began (this was Putin’s main demand for introduction of Russian troops): Belarusian Interior Ministry publishes footage of alleged “protesters’ attacks” on police officers in the area of Independence Square in Minsk. Detentions started in the center of Minsk again. Putin recognized the elections in Belarus as “valid” and congratulated Lukashenko on his 66th birthday. A lot of members of the pro-Kremlin movements NLM and SERB gathered near the Belarusian embassy in Moscow. The SERB group attacked people who came out in support of the protesters in Belarus. Detentions also began in Moscow after attacks by pro-Kremlin provocateurs.

  42. Lukashenko is ready to begin the process of transfer of power. He doesn’t intend to enter into negotiations with Tikhanovskaya, but is ready for a dialogue with other moderate (pro-Kremlin) oppositionists and former officials who have recently supported the protests. This issue will probably be discussed at the upcoming meeting with Putin.

  43. The Investigative Committee of Belarus reported that it had registered about 150 cases of threats to officials, more than ten criminal cases were initiated in two days. This means that soon the Kremlin’s “help” will come to Belarus. Meanwhile, at the stele “Minsk - Hero City” OMON collects barbed wire.

  44. A strong fire broke out in a warehouse with paints and varnishes in Novosibirsk, already burning on an area of more than 1000 sq.mi. The roof began to crumble. A fire broke out in Minsk in one of the workshops of OJSC “Savushkin Product” (cheese factory for Russian export). The largest mayonnaise plant in Russia caught fire in the Belgorod region.

  45. A huge tornado swept through Crimea.

  46. Opposition leader Krivokapic announced the fall of the regime in Montenegro by election results. United opposition will create an alternative government and dismiss President Djukanovic. Belgrade celebrates the end of the Djukanovic era with parties in the streets.

  47. Italy sends help to Banksy’s overloaded migrant rescue boat. The Italian coastguard sent help on Saturday to a rescue boat funded by British street artist Banksy after the vessel issued urgent calls for assistance, saying it was stranded in the Mediterranean and overloaded with migrants.

  48. The Greek army is practicing the possibility of a war with Turkey. The 50th Motorized Brigade conducted an offensive skill test. According to the Turkish press, a group of Greek soldiers landed on the island of Kastelorizo. Athens is negotiating with Paris to transfer 18 Rafale fighters to Greece.

  49. Water rationing and food shortages are predicted for Britain if second wave clashes with no-deal Brexit. A leaked document warns ministers to prepare for a worst case scenario. Leaked official papers will heap pressure on ministers to prepare the NHS and strike a deal with the EU. David Justin Reed: “They are already preparing you for mass casualties and national lockdown plus maybe food water and heating shortage also possible extreme weather.”

  50. Times UK: “Price of loaf to rise amid warnings of worst harvest for decades. Shoppers face paying more for a loaf of bread and a kilogram of flour amid predictions of the worst wheat harvest for 40 years. Farmers say that the wet autumn and dry spring have reduced the yield.”

  51. Britain’s ship-building boom: 10,000s of jobs could turn coastal areas into power houses. Britain’s ship-building industry is on the threshold of a resurgence that could create tens of thousands of jobs and transform economically stagnant communities into coastal power houses.

  52. Huge blaze in Essex rips through food factory destroying the entire warehouse. The fire spread throughout the Kent Foods Ltd warehouse on Christopher Martin Road in Basildon. One hundred firefighters attended the incident.

  53. A QRA has been launched to escort a Ryanair flight to London Stansted. Eurofighter Typhoon RAF fighters from Coningsby AFB were raised to accompany Ryan Air flight from Vienna following security reports on the evening of August 30. Alert at flight # FR7364 triggered due to suspicious objects discovered in a lavatory. Two men were detained by special forces on the ground on suspicion of terrorism after plane landed at London’s Stansted Airport, Essex. One of them - 34-year-old Kuwaiti citizen, second - 48-year-old Italian citizen.

  54. Power station explosion - witness describes lightning cracks and clouds of smoke. Sainsbury’s superstore in Nelson Road in Dartmouth has been evacuated. Engineers from Western Power Distribution (WPD) are working to restore power after homes in Dartmouth and surrounding areas were cut off. Speaking about what they saw, a member of staff at a nearby industrial unit in Admiral Court said: “I was outside when I heard a very, very loud abnormal crack - like lightning. I could smell electricity in the air. It was followed by another extremely loud bang and a mushroom cloud of brownish-orange colored smoke rose up above Sainsbury’s. I’m in the building trade and it was really unusual. Then all the lights went off in the units and the alarms started going off. I knew there was something up.” Four engines were dispatched to the scene.

  55. Jonathan Bagley, BBC: “In November you’ll have a phone-in about higher gas bills due to home working. Don’t heat the whole house. Buy an electric heater now, before the inevitable shortage.”

  56. Building on a new hanging garden trend, a greenhouse atop a Montreal warehouse growing eggplants and tomatoes to meet demand for locally sourced foods has set a record as the largest in the world.

  57. Rioters, looters could lose unemployment benefits under new bill. Rioters and looters would lose federal unemployment benefits and be forced to pay for extra policing needed at protests under a new bill being introduced by a military-veteran congressman.

  58. An 80,000-acre fire has been contained on one of the largest military bases in the world. Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake was struck by lightning on August 19, sparking a fast-spreading wildfire. The fire, among the largest in the state over the last month, was reportedly out within a week. Fire suppression was done without the help of outside state agencies that have been fighting fires across Los Angeles, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Napa, and Tulare counties.

  59. Containment of the massive SCU Lightning Complex fires grew to 50 percent Sunday, two weeks after lightning sparked numerous blazes across several counties. 589 square miles have burned.

  60. Colorado officials are recommending people construct a “safe room” in their house using a portable air-filtering system where they should “spend most of their time.”

  61. On the heels of derecho, drought and windstorm plunge Iowa’s corn industry into chaos. Iowa corn now has the 5th poorest rated corn crop on Aug 23rd since 1991.

  62. Andy Ngo: “The victim of last night’s deadly shooting in downtown Portland is Aaron Danielson, who went by Jay. His family has been informed of his death. Portland Police have not released details about their investigation and the shooter is at-large.”

  63. Crime surge in Manhattan. Man in custody after he tried to rape woman on Q train platform in Manhattan. Young woman in elevator robbed by man with sharp object near 1 Ave and E 3 Ave in Manhattan.

  64. New Yorkers are fleeing to the suburbs: “The demand is insane.” The pandemic is spurring home sales as prosperous city residents seek more space. One listing had 97 showings and received 24 offers.

  65. New Jersey teen Emily Gil behind Black Lives Matter rally receives bill for thousands of dollars for police overtime. The mayor later said he is rescinding the bill.

  66. Fire engulfs Imperial Zinc building In Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood. Flames exploded out of a South Side scrap metal processing facility early Sunday morning.

  67. Several people face charges in connection with armed home invasions and a shooting in DuPage County. Three black men went a on crime spree in the Chicago suburbs targeting white families, breaking into homes in the middle of the night. They shot a father trying to defend his daughter from being raped.

  68. Multiple injuries reported after boat explosion on Lake Weatherford. Investigators said the boat fire may have started from fuel vapors in the bilge, which is part of the boat’s hull. Game wardens said the boat exploded just after 3:15 p.m., immediately after the vessel was fueled up. The boat sank following the explosion.

  69. While new state rules may permit it, the County Health Department said it will not permit re-openings of indoor retail and movie theaters in Los Angeles.

:mexico: Mexico’s drug cartels are notoriously well armed and equipped, with some possessing very heavy weaponry, including armored gun trucks sporting heavy machine guns.

A civilian self-defense militia in the city of Tepalcatepec, in Mexico’s southwestern Michoacan state, recovered two dozen explosive-laden quadcopters from a car that a team of sicarios – cartel hitmen – had abandoned, possibly after a failed or aborted hit, on July 25, 2020. The bombs attached to the drones consisted of Tupperware-like containers filled with C4 charges and ball bearings to act as shrapnel.

Vehicle and its contents were said to be tied to Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), which has its main hub in neighboring Jalisco state

In July, the cartel released a particularly striking video of a convoy of camouflage-painted trucks, pickups, and SUVs, some with mounted weapons and very visible add-on armor, together with heavily armed personnel in tactical gear, that all looked more like military unit than a criminal gang

Details of the Sino-Indian confrontation :arrow_down:

:cn::india: Other than Kailash Mansarovar new missile sites have come up in Shigatse that borders Nepal, Bhutan and Indian state of Sikkim, and Nyingchi opposite Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet)
New sites are typical SAMs HongQi-9 (HQ-9) with 6 support radars for target acquisition and engagement.
Images indicate that it’s surface-to-air missile site with HQ-9 SAM system under tarpaulin covers. Deployment pattern - 4 platforms for either 4 or 8 SAM transporter erector launchers (TELs) with 3 radar ramps.

:cn::india: Помимо Кайлаш-Мансаровара новые ракетные объекты появились в Шигадзе, граничащем с Непалом, Бутаном и индийским штатом Сикким, а также в Ньингчи напротив Аруначал-Прадеша (Ю.Тибет)
Новые объекты представляют собой типичные ЗРК HongQi-9 (HQ-9) с 6 вспомогательными РЛС для обнаружения и поражения целей
Cнимки показывают, что это ракетный объект класса “земля-воздух” с системой ЗРК HQ-9 под брезентом. Схема развертывания - 4 платформы либо для 4, либо для 8 пусковых установок ЗРК (TEL) с 3 радарными аппарелями

:cn: #CHINA
— Tibet, opening of the third eye
— Exemplary protest in China (in the countries of former USSR about the same) :upside_down_face:

:cn: #КИТАЙ
— Тибет, открытие третьего глаза
— Образцовый протест в Китае (в странах бывшего Совка примерно так же) :upside_down_face:

The passengers of today’s historic flight LY971 of the Israeli airline El Al from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi via Saudi airspace became Senior Adviser to the President of the United States Jared Kushner and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien

Oh shit lol :joy: Narco Drones have gone Kamikaze

Oh shit lol :joy: Narco Drones have gone Kamikaze

It’s funny how much the Narcos and Terrorist try to out do each other

In terms of deprivation and crimes against humanity

I should do a class on that

Who are the Narcos?

All of them

One of them does one thing

O just another name then

Then Al Queda copies and does it worst

It’s like a game of digital snuff film volleyball between them

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