The best, and the worst, of the coronavirus dashboards

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Off the top… The top 3 trackers are all either down or not updating reporting since yesterday… I find that very odd

^ I think that is more worrisome than coincidence

Because the numbers are bullshit Nick

#中共國 3月8日:河南新鄉寶泉景區免門票,人滿為患!

中共 国 March 8: Baoquan Scenic Spot in Xinxiang, Henan is free of charge, and it is overcrowded!

I know that the numbers are likely BS, but it gives a good idea of the spread for those who refuse to accept its legitimacy

#中共國 #福建 晉江

中共 国 #Fujian Jinjiang

The factory throws away shoes really can’t understand.

Most of my friends have turned around and recognized the risk after seeing the global scale

More than happy to have them here feel free to invite

No shipping, no selling.

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They refuse to accept Telegram’s legitimacy and explore other messaging options…

Hello. I’m from the Philippines.

All schools and related works in our country’s main metropolitan area of Manila will be suspended starting tomorrow. News just came in awhile ago. I wonder when they are implementing this in our province.

  • Jannib Andelo

Lol :joy: oh man, they are in for a really rough year then.

Yep, Telegram = crypto = dark net = sketchy in their eyes

Its all one of the same

Telegram = freedom = information =no censorship =truth

Welcome Jannib, glad to have you. Any cases in the surrounding area

#中共國 【北京復工人數增進京檢查站現人龍】
隨著北京復工人數增加,在通州白廟檢查站,週一開始出現 人龍和車龍。大部分人都是每天要從京郊到北京上班的打工族。

中共 国 [Beijing checkpoint increase in number of returning workers]

As the number of returnees in Beijing increased, at the Tongmiao Baimiao checkpoint, human and car dragons began to appear on Monday. Most people are migrant workers who work from Beijing suburbs to Beijing every day.
It usually takes an hour to drive, but now it takes at least 1.5 hours due to the increase in quarantine procedures at checkpoints.

Telegram is pretty vanilla, try like Wickr or Wire for a bit more darker

This is what I tell them lol there is no getting past the thin veil they put up over their minds to keep the bliss and ignorance going

It won’t touch you if you don’t know about it! :joy:

Yes we have 10 more cases today. Bringing the total to 20 cases, which is laughable. I’ve been studying this outbreak for six (6) weeks now. My estimates for the number of infected in my country is around 30,000 to 50,000 based on how we travel and socialize.

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Just like how we memed epstein didnt kill himself so hard that “mematic warfare” is a term.

And the top 3 trackers are down

No official reporting coming through in over 24 hours… sketchy

The people who make the fake charts have bigger problems due to their 401k taking a hit