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:bar_chart::pushpin: Almost 16,000 cases of Covid-19 infection were not counted in the UK due to an Excel spreadsheet error.

The table with list of infected people exceeded the maximum size, since a separate column was created for each separate case, and there are only 16 000 of them in Excel.

:skull_and_crossbones::squid::shrimp::fish: Scientists reported the death of 95% of organisms living on the seabed of Avacha Bay. They warned that the scale of the disaster would increase as other marine life is left without food

:gem:Hong Kong: Diamond auctioned for 13 million euros and named after daughter
#MaikoStar #Sothebys #Diamonds #HongKong

The private collector named the diamond, which he bought for the equivalent of 13.3 million euros, after his second daughter: “Maiko Star”․ There is an old family tradition behind it.

Interview with Tichanowskaja: “Lukashenka treated people like animals”
#AleksandrLukaschenka #AngelaMerkel #SwetlanaTichanowskaja #AlexandrLukaschenka #EU #Democracy Movement #Belarus

The Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanowskaja solicits help in Berlin․ She talks to us about the hope she has in Merkel, the role of women in the democracy movement and her own ambitions ․

​​​​​Interview mit Tichanowskaja: „Lukaschenka hat die Leute wie Tiere behandelt“
#AleksandrLukaschenka #AngelaMerkel #SwetlanaTichanowskaja #AlexandrLukaschenka #EU #Demokratiebewegung #Belarus

Die belarussische Oppositionsführerin Swetlana Tichanowskaja wirbt in Berlin um Hilfe․ Mit uns spricht sie über ihre Hoffnung, die sie in Merkel setzt, über die Rolle der Frau in der Demokratiebewegung und ihre eigenen Ambitionen․

:mask: Brave new world…

​​NVidia released a technology to change face alignment on video

Nvidia has unveiled AI face-alignment that means you’re always looking at the camera during video calls. Its new Maxine platform uses GANs to reconstruct the unseen parts of your head — just like a deepfake.


#NVidia #deepfake #GAN

:bangbang::ocean: Australian scientists conservatively estimate that 14,000,000 tones of microplastic reside on the ocean floor

The research was funded by CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere and the Great Australian Bight Deepwater Marine Program (GABDMP), and published in Frontiers in Marine Science, Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform.

:ru: Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is now on the wanted list in Russia. Her data can be easily found on the Ministry of Internal Affairs website

Svetlana is accused under Article 361 “Calls to action aimed at causing harm to national security” in her homeland, Belarus. Tikhanovskaya herself has been hiding from the persecution of the Belarusian authorities in Europe for several months. Yesterday she met with Angela Merkel in Berlin.

:ru: Fire from a military supply depot in the Ryazan Region spread to a neighboring village

All residents within a radius of five kilometers from the military unit were evacuated, which is about 10 settlements. The fire is now being extinguished by almost 50 people, and the plans are to involve an Il-76 firefighter. They even drove a fire train to the place.

Огонь со склада военных припасов в Рязанской области перекинулся на соседнее село.

Все жители в радиусе пяти километров от в/ч эвакуированы, а это примерно 10 населённых пунктов. Огонь сейчас тушат почти 50 человек, в планах — привлечение пожарного Ил-76. К месту даже пригнали пожарный поезд.

:ru:Explosion sounds in the Ryazan region now - a warehouse with ammunition is burning there.

Local residents filmed the first explosions on video

The fire started around military unit 55443 — the grass caught fire, and then the warehouse itself. According to preliminary data, all military personnel, including the chief of the arsenal, were evacuated.

Residents of nearby villages are urgently evacuated. There were no casualties, but several ambulances were sent to nearby villages to monitor the health of local babushkas - everything is scary in the area.

Вот так сейчас гремит в Рязанской области — там горит склад с боеприпасами. Местные жители сняли первые взрывы на видео (осторожно, много мата).

Пожар начался вокруг в/ч 55443— загорелась трава, а затем уже сам склад. По предварительным данным, все военные, включая начальника арсенала, эвакуировались.

Жители ближайших сел срочно эвакуируются. Пострадавших нет, но несколько скорых отправили в близлежащие деревни, чтобы следить за здоровьем местных бабушек — в округе всё страшно громыхает.

:ru: A man attempts self-immolation in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia

The man with the poster on his chest set himself on fire. Judging by the recordings from the surveillance cameras, all this time passers-by calmly walked past him, some began to film what was happening on the phone.

Now the victim is in the ambulance, he has burns 45 percents of his body.

В центре Санкт-Петербурга на Лиговском проспекте – попытка самосожжения. Мужчина, на груди у которого был плакат, поджёг себя. Судя по записям с камер наблюдения, всё это время мимо него спокойно шли прохожие, некоторые начали снимать происходящее на телефон.

Сейчас пострадавший находится в скорой, у него ожоги 45 процентов тела.

Это не извержение вулкана, а взрыв военных складов в Рязанской области. Там сейчас введен режим ЧС.

На момент взрыва на складах хранилось не менее 75 тысяч тонн артиллерийского вооружения.

Максимальный разлет осколков от взрывов ракет и боеприпасов достигает почти 20 километров.

:ru: :bomb::boom: This not a volcanic eruption, but an explosion of military warehouses in the Ryazan region. An emergency regime has now been introduced there.

At the time of the explosion, at least 75,000 tons of artillery weapons were stored in warehouses.

Maximum dispersion of fragments from explosions of missiles and ammunition reaches almost 20 kilometers. (12,4 miles)

They are bringing it to the residential/suburbs

2 C130’s heading towards minneapolis, Probably carrying arng

Do you know where those vids r from? What metro area

Wauwatosa WI, a fairly affluent suburb of Milwaukee

Thank you. Thats a shame

Was it because of the verdict?

View of the chaos caused by BLM/antifa tonight


This is what the explosion looked like at the Ryazan arsenal
Вот как выглядел взрыв на рязанском арсенале

Whoah this looks terrifying!!!
Like a nuclear blast.

Kinda like Lebanon :lebanon:

Meanwhile with the Divided and Conquered

BLM/antifa smashing windows of suburban homes (Wauwatosa,WI)

Divided and Conquered

As long as I have my soma, I will always be glad I am a Beta.

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“Immoral” tell it to the Palestinians

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