that's quite a few million deaths

⤺ reposted by @joelwp from Has anyone seen anything anywhere official that there is no A-Symptomatic transmission?

that’s quite a few million deaths

New diagnoses in several states pushed the tally of COVID-19 cases past 100, and New Hampshire reported its first patient, raising the total of affected states to 11. Seattle officials announced four more deaths, bringing the total in the US to six. The recent surge in numbers has brought chaotic scenes to supermarkets throughout the country with shoppers lining up with trolleys overflowing with bundles of toilet paper, racks of water bottles and shelves cleaned out of hand sanitizing gel. The Food and Drug Administration yesterday warned it could begin testing up to a million people by the end of the week, as the global total of confirmed cases soared to more than 90,000 today, including 3,117 deaths.