Thats is the information..!

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Thats is the information…!
Wait im searce the link…

@Ozsultan ?

Have you heard anything from the White House? You are the closest to Trump

Trump give the China 100 of billion for economie…

Grey state😉

He gave xi 100 billion?

The new hospitel on wuhan is not a hospitel.

The china people say “its the biggest crematorium the world”…

Yes we know

Yes !

To keep the Chinese economy alive?

Which site said this Bloomberg?

The money its not a problems. The produce of china…, 400 Millions of people on china dont work…, in a short time…, the world dont work…

Good point

Like Aries said, world doesnt work without China

Maybe…, its scary… i dont now…

@Eidgenosse what numbers have you heard

Regarding China

We’ve heard 400k dead from Hong Kong


Others in Tawain say 400k too

Welcome Jasmine

That TENCENT numbers leaked

Was just one city

Hi Everybody

We have a crazy media block, he says nothing. 730 death… 30k infect, 1700 included

But we has see on taiwan new have a leak on 02.02.2020 with over 25 Deaths only on wuhan…

We dont now ! Sooo many fake news…

This is !

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