That’s one hell of a bribe

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That’s one hell of a bribe

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First Mexico now Australia

A real war is happening in the offices, and in the open source projects
not on the streets.

practically all BDFLs wiped out
practically 100% of them
in a very short time

fucking huge disaster

not just in tech, in many of the sciences too

This is why Satoshi was smart to go Dark

Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) is a title given to a small number of open-source software development leaders, typically project founders who retain the final say in disputes or arguments within the community

-> Strongly pro-property rights, lib-right view — strongly supporting the rights of the project’s founder to exert authority over the project he created, and others willingly contributed to under a license giving him that authority. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can create / fork their own, and rule the property that they created.

-> Strongly anti-property rights, communist view — against property rights across the board, including being against any rights of those who create a project to retain any rights of control over it. Instead, rule by layman mobs, committees, and victim olympics.

This is why the SJWs will always be for the elimination of BDFLs, and cannot ever be swayed by logical arguments, e.g. that the BDFL who created it more likely has the expertise to guide it than anyone else

— They can never be swayed to like BDFLs, because it conflicts with their basic core beliefs on property rights.

they cancelled all the BDFLs

fucking all of the absolute greats of all time

many that had been BDFLs that had been reining for 30+ years, hugely loved, hugely influential

Look at the dates on these cancellations.

30+ years without any trouble, then suddenly all cancelled within a short time.

The war against “old white men”, and diversity quotas is all part of this same BDFL-cancelling power grab too

Anti-meritocracy, anti “old white men”, diversity quotas — all part of the same toolbox for eliminating highly-proven and widely-loved BDFLs, so hostile forces can take over and profit from it

:fire: #FIRES | #California
:us: The wildfire burning near Shaver Lake exploded to 145 sq km, jumped a river and compromised the only road into the Mammoth Pool Campground. At least 2,000 structures were threatened in the area north of Los Angeles, where temperatures in the city’s San Fernando Valley reached 47°C
In Southern California, fire in foothills of Yucaipa east of Los Angeles prompted evacuation orders for eastern portions of the city of 54,000 along with several communities, including Oak Glen, Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls.

:fire: #ПОЖАРЫ | #Калифорния
:us: Лесной пожар возле озера Шейвер охватил более 145 кв км, перешел через реку и разрушил единственную дорогу, ведущую в кемпинг Mammoth Pool. 2000 домов оказались под угрозой в районе к северу от Лос-Анджелеса, где температура в долине Сан-Фернандо достигла 47 °C
В Южной Калифорнии пожар в предгорьях Юкайпы к востоку от Лос-Анджелеса привел к эвакуации города с населением 54 000 человек, а также в Оук-Глен, Маунтин-Хоум-Виллидж и Форест-Фолс



California narrowly averted another round of rotating blackouts Saturday after officials made desperate pleas to conserve power as reserves fell below critical levels during a record-breaking heat wave. The state’s grid operator gave the all-clear signal shortly before 9 p.m. local time as temperatures fell after sundown.

The state’s grid is being pushed to the brink as climate change makes California weather increasingly volatile and the region suffers through yet another heat wave and rash of wildfires.

Electricity prices for delivery Saturday evening into Southern California jumped to $800 a megawatt-hour, according to data from the grid operator. That’s an indication of tightening supplies as solar production tapers off.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday signed an emergency order freeing up extra electricity supplies.

1 Billion Americans :hushed::thinking::face_with_monocle:

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Attention (Focus) is your scarcest resource

Russian channels are spreading this to distract :arrow_down:

An American soldier points a gun at Afghan children, searching them and asking “where is the Taliban,” and at the end the American gives the children chocolates.

The episode is dated 2011-2012 and is part of the documentary “Combat Obscura”, which is practically banned in the United States, because it shows a war in a distant country in a light unfavorable for Washington.

Американский военнослужащий направляет пистолет на афганских детей, обыскивая их и спрашивая "где “Талибан”, а в конце американец даёт детям шоколадки.

Эпизод датирован 2011-2012 годами и является частью документального фильма “Combat Obscura”, практически запрещённого в США, т.к демонстрирует войну в далёкой стране в невыгодном для Вашингтона свете.

Today, Sunday 6th September 2020, at 10:00am CET a tweet by a prominent Bitcoin researcher and educator Giacomo Zucco emerged to highlight a 3 months old PR (pull request) into the bitcoin source code.
The change involved the renaming of a constant variable name from FILE_CHAR_BLACKLIST to FILE_CHAR_BLOCKLIST, as “blacklist” was considered inappropriate, despite the fact that the word has been widely used for decades in computer security, without ever raising concerns nor being etimologically linked to racial minorities, according to wikipedia Blacklisting entry.

Giacomo explained how this can be intended as political signalling, defined it creepy and warned for the danger of contributors getting banned for wrongdoing, which apparently didn’t happened in this circumstance.
Giacomo’s tweet went quite viral since many of the Giacomo’s twitter followers took this as a “SJWs attack” and see this precedent as a dangerous attempt, given the sensible nature of the Bitcoin project in terms of security, neutrality and censorship resilience from political interference.

Few hours later a new pull request has been opened to address the technical ambiguity of the term “Block List” (list of blocks, or list of blocked chars?) attracting many comments in favour of changing FILE_CHAR_BLOCKLIST to FILE_CHARS_DISALLOWED.
But some developers still argued that the original change should not have been accepted on the first place and asked to restore it to FILE_CHAR_BLACKLIST in order to firmly push back also on the political interference.
When things started to heat up the repository maintainers accepted the change proposed addressing the technical issue but not the claimed “political/SJWs attack”.

Following the BLM protests, many open source codebases have been experiencing peaks of similar acts of word-policing, that in the recent years frequently ended up in contributors getting banned, doxed, framed or fired from their job as the “cancel culture” was applied, see references below.


  • In early 2015 a blog post by Eric Steven Raymond warned about SJW threats, exposing several attacks to Open Source Projects and raising awareness in the hacker community; also Eric Raymond suggested that Linus Torvalds himself might have been framed for false sexual allegations in order to have him comply to SJWs requests, and almost resulted in Linus Torvalds resigning and many developers threatening to revoke their contributions to the source code.
  • Some notable developers being purged on Python Open Source projects: Roberto Rosario Gonzalez author of “Awesome Django” who tried opposing the “Covenant Code of Conduct” with the “Code of Merit” resulting in being banned from GitHub and from the Python Software Foundation, and Kenneth Reitz author of “Requests: HTTP for Humans™” Python web framework resulting in being publicly accused of inappropriate handling of a fundraising for his own projects, ending up leaving all his open source projects and leaving from the Python Software Fundation.
  • Some other developers in the past have faced public shaming and cancel culture on twitter for sexual assault in #metoo style. Notable name here is Peter Todd who replied with a defamation suit that ended with the alleged victim removing the offending tweets and declaring in a statement that she do not assert that Todd raped or sexually assaulted her personally. Similar allegations have been before moved in 2014 on the GamerGate and later in 2019 Alec Holowka was accused for sexual assault by a same GamerGate’s victim Zoë Quinn that was her girlfriend; he subsequently committed suicide.
  • On the awake of the killing of George Floyd and the BLM protests, GitHub announced that they were working in order to remove the coding word master and slave, as well as the default git default “master” branch.

:syria: #SYRIA
Russian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov arrived in Damascus

:syria: #СИРИЯ
В Дамаск прибыла российская делегация во главе с вице-премьером Юрием Борисовым





@Insider20 I thought Yuri was busy with India’s Secretary of Defense.

One man has been killed and at least seven other injured in several chain stabbing occurred in Sunday morning in Birmingham. The second British city police have declared a “major incident” and launched for and capture the complainant, although the mobile is not yet known.

:cn: #CHINA
The serene beauty of submerged Chongqing…
Безмятежная красота затопленного Чунцина…

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