that’s at least a yeard congrats

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that’s at least a yeard congrats

That’s 3 months of growth :wink:

U lucky bastard

Because global banking holiday or currency devaluation?


and digital cash

which is short for we want to take cash away from people

Ironically many parts of my off grid power, and ham radio stations are from Wuhan.

nice u doing god’s work

srsly tho guys been following crypto markers since 2011

they are about to explode and form the biggest speculative bubbles in history

it’s already started a new cycle - get in and use to buy arable land w water in two years - don’t have to invest much… bitcoin was created for the people

Anyone that watched the video can plainly see that the men were carrying automatic weapons not fireworks

Yep, and all that the ccp says was because there was a rabid dog…seriously :thinking: no one believes that’s story, surely!!!

Also the ccp said it was gun shots, but to kill the dog…
Alot of shots to kill one rabid dog ?..and seriously whose going to be celebrating Chinese new year next to a dead body and someone scream crying over the top of them ?

You make good points

Some people need to wake UP

CCP is lying, if it was a dog you would not send 3 men. 2 with Automatic rifles and 1 with a handgun plus. They literally beat dogs with a stick. Don’t fall for CCP lies

No I don’t believe it at all

Aries, have you heard anything about African infection?
They have 1 confirmed cases.

Yes the Chinese from WuHan hiding out in Kenya

Oh no