that one got dark so here's a mars panda, good answers everyone

that one got dark so here’s a mars panda, good answers everyone

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Almost thought that was the next card :sweat_smile:

Is that it for cards @AriesAzazel

One second

One second

Redistribution Agenda

Timeline 20 minutes

They are meant to be dark

My immediate answer is no one should forcibly have to give up jack shit… if you aren’t voluntarily giving up your rations then everyone else can kiss your ass. It is not the responsibility of one man/ one group of men to sustain everyone else. If you haven’t been prepping by now, you’re gonna be shit out of luck with the rest of the non-preppers. This is why MOV is so important so that you can defend what is yours when the time comes for the “redistribution team” to come knocking.
It is also important to stay gray for this reason… if no one knows you have anything, you won’t be targeted first like the asshats who were flexing their stockpiles and bragging.
I also think you should have a “public” stockpile that you can afford to be rid of if you know they are gonna come to every persons home. Then tell not a single should of what you still have left.

This is a tough one.

  1. We are considering a world in which things are very different than currently. Socialism communism capitalism all these things no longer matter. All that matters is survival
  2. And survival is of the fittest strongest and most clever.
  3. If the community is tight then they would come together and contribute human resources towards defense and production and divide the resources for survival of the community
  4. If the community is divided and fractured then its war. Redistribution is theft and the strongest most ruthless will get the resources like old school warlords.

This is an unhappy place to be in and the best bet for Morgan would be to get away from his neighbors and hide his stash with a decoy stash to give people what they think he has and keep the rest hidden. If this would even be possible at this time.

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I would tell them the moment 2 wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner, they’re all done for because in the short term it makes them feel better, but long term it’s “resource cannibalism”. Sharing doesn’t solve anyone’s problems, there needs to be some production/value add. Ultimately I would yield “some” resources to establish goodwill and on the condition we have a sustainable plan. No long term plan means no sharing, and I may need to defend myself/family.

If I couldn’t establish diplomacy and can’t defend myself/family then I would either try to leave in secret or divide and conquer - try to bribe said resource with the one or two neighbors I trust. That raises the cost/risk for the others to attempt stealing.

+4 mov prevents theft

Diplomatic +3